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The No Man’s Sky Companions update adds procedural space pets

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Gotta catch ’em all! Wait… are there going to be infinite animals in the No Man’s Sky Companions update?

No Man’s Sky, the infinite universe explorer, is continuing its journey of redemption with yet another update coming this week in the form of Companions. This marks the 16th update from developer Hello Games since the game’s launch back in 2016, ushering in alien companions into what is already a superbly packed sci-fi explorer sim.

As you bond and care for your companions they will come with a host of their own benefits. Companions can scout out resources, protect you from predators, and even don a shoulder-mounted mining lasers as they help you gather resources. No Man’s Sky’s galaxy is a dangerous and hostile place and having a protector by your side will undoubtedly be a bonus.

A major introduction however is the inclusion of genetically modifiable eggs, which can create new forms of life. With No Man’s Sky’s infinite variations on alien creatures, your newborn companions will have a look of their own, and players can even trade eggs prior to hatching. This will ensure that the hunt for more diverse and unique creatures will be at the forefront of the new Companions update, as players will search, trade and genetically-modify their way to all kinds of alien distinctiveness.

Companions will come with their own role determined by the ecosystem of their planet, but will also come with a personality that Hello Games describes as “one-of-a-kind”. With individuality to each companion, you can create a diverse lineup, with up to six companions allowed in your collection. Each companion can also be customised with new colours and decals.

The Companions update also comes with some quality-of-life improvements from UI updates, a more streamlined approach to baiting predators, and even the ability to ride large creatures. You can read the full patch notes here; as always with Hello Games, they are quite extensive.

The Companions Update is available now, free to all No Man’s Sky players.

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