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No Man’s Sky Desolation update: What if No Man’s Sky, but also, Alien?

Another free update to No Man’s Sky adds more juicy content. The Desolation update turns No Man’s Sky into straight-up horror.



No Mans Sky Desolation update
Hello Games

Another free update to No Man’s Sky adds more juicy content. The Desolation update turns No Man’s Sky into straight-up horror.

Right. Let’s try and whizz through this. I know we promised that we’d stop talking about this eventually, but it bears repeating that Hello Games is too good, far better than we all deserve.

No Man’s Sky was delayed and the “fans” were awful to Hello Games. Then the game released, arguably before it was ready, and the “fans” were awful to Hello Games again. Then the “fans” continued to be awful to Hello Games. The development team effectively went into hiding and worked on bringing No Man’s Sky closer to their original vision, and the “fans” were still just the worst.


Then came the updates. Massive release after massive release of brilliant new content, that turned the base game – an interesting curio in itself – into a behemoth. We went from repetitive proc-gen to genuinely (almost) limitless experiences. And they’re all free. Every single one of them. In spite of how dreadful people were to Hello Games, every single update to No Man’s Sky didn’t cost the players a penny.

Why do we bring this up, again? Because here comes another one: The No Man’s Sky Desolation update.

Desolation is a bit different. While some other updates have added scary bits to No Man’s Sky – including those terrifying biological horrors – this is the first one that’s built with pure horror in mind. It’s somewhere between Alien and FEAR, and we are very much here for it.


According to a Tweet from Sean Murray, the No Man’s Sky Desolation update includes:

  • Derelict Freighters
  • Proc Gen Interiors
  • Deadly Turrets + Drones + Aliens
  • Proc Stories
  • Weapon Balance
  • Improved Combat
  • New Lighting/Lens Flare
  • Unique Freighter Upgrades
  • Freighter Customisation
  • Unlockable Player Titles
  • New MP Missions

Which all sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? We’ll say it again for the people in the back: The folks at Hello Games are too good for us.

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