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No Man’s Sky gets a glorious visual overhaul in latest update

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Space just got a whole load prettier.

No Man’s Sky is continuing its impressive run of free post-launch updates, with its latest dropping for all players today. The Prisms update brings a host of new visual upgrades to the game, making it even more spectacular than it already was.

Among the elements to receive refreshed visuals are reflections, texture effects, biome details, lighting, skies, and even fur.

PC, next-gen consoles and Xbox One X players will gain the benefits of screen space reflection or SSR technology. The Space Anomaly will be looking particularly shiny, along with the Atlas stations, derelict freighters, freighter hangers, and more.

Additional upgrades come in the form of light shafts and volumetric lighting, which will allow more natural-looking light that radiates and bounces off of surfaces, as well as more atmospheric lighting.

PC players are in for a real treat, however. The inclusion of deep learning super sampling (DLSS) allows capable PCs to achieve higher resolutions whilst maintaining steady framerates.

Other upgrades include improved rain effects, updates to photo mode, parallax occlusion mapping (texture definitions), dramatic starfield and as well as upping the commonness of exotic companions, you can now ride and fly, low-flying creatures.

The sheer amount of visual upgrades on display with the Prisms update is impressive, and with the already solid addition of the next-gen patches, No Man’s Sky is turning into a graphical marvel.

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