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505 Games will handle physical publishing duties for the No Man’s Sky Xbox One release, while Hello Games works on a big new content drop.

No Man’s Sky was a PS4 console exclusive when it (finally) launched back in the summer of 2016. To say the reception it received was… discordant would be generous.

The game in people’s heads, the one they had fervently whipped themselves up to expect, was not the game which released. The game which released was very good in its own way – and got progressively better, with big content updates – but could never live up to the insane, internalised hype.

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The Hello Games team have, largely, taken themselves off into a dark corner and worked on bug fixes and content updates. And who can blame them? The noise around the game was horrendous.

The updates have, in part, addressed player concerns about “missing” content, and have added new features to improve the longevity of experience. There’s also a photo mode now, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

Now there are two new, very big announcements.

First, there’s a No Man’s Sky Xbox One version in the works. As you might expect, that will be delivered digitally via the Xbox store, but publisher 505 Games will be handling retail production and distribution.

And to tie in with the No Man’s Sky Xbox One release, Hello Games are working on a major new content update called No Man’s Sky Next. There’s a teaser trailer for both, though it doesn’t really tell us a great deal.

Both the No Man’s Sky Xbox One release, and the Next update – which is free for all existing players on all platforms – are expected to launch in summer 2018. And yes, it will be Xbox One X enhanced, before you ask.

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