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North Star Rising, Bithell Games’ newest surprise release is an audiobook series

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Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex creators surprise drop North Star Rising, a new serialised sci-fi story. 

Bithell Games has mastered the art of the surprise release. The studio dropped the “Bithell Shorts” Subsurface Circular (2017) and Quarantine Circular (2018) on the same day they were announced. And, while 2019’s John Wick Hex didn’t get the same treatment, the news that the developer behind an acclaimed indie platformer starring geometric shapes was making a John Wick strategy game was surprising in its own right.

Bithell Games’ newest project, North Star Rising, will also likely take folks by surprise.

“So.. er.. we’re doing something a bit different, given where the world is right now. We wanted to make optimistic ongoing entertainment, so we’re making a serialised free audiobook about space,” Mike Bithell wrote on Twitter.

“Our next games are a ways out, [but] I wanted to write something about humanity and friendship and get it out now. So. Six weekly episodes, starting today… Two humans find themselves on a space adventure in this six part audiobook, from the writer of Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular.”

Bithell is joined this time around by some impressive talent. Journey composer Austin Wintory, iZombie actor Rahul Kohli, and Halo and Destiny designer, Jayce Diaz, are involved.

It’s an impressive lineup, and you can experience the result right now. The first episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

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