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Square Enix has confirmed that Octopath Traveler will be coming to PC later this year.

Acquire Corp’s acclaimed JRPG, Octopath Traveler, will be released on PC on June 7, 2019, Square Enix has confirmed.

Set in the vast world of Orsterra, Octopath Traveler deliberately channels the tropes of classic 16-bit era JRPGs. Aside from its delightful aesthetics, the game features eight separate characters, each with their own adventure to complete.

The game is (currently) a console exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and is notable for being the first game from Square Enix to use the publisher’s now-trademarked HD-2D visual style. It’s a solid game that performed much better than many expected on its Switch debut. A mobile-only sequel was announced last month.

Here’s a new trailer released specifically for the PC edition.

If you’re interested in playing the game on PC, head over to the official Square Enix website to register your details for more information.

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