Final Fantasy XV Odeka ke Chocochicks most frustrating quest
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Odeka ke Chocochicks: Final Fantasy XV’s Most Frustrating Quest?

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It’s not the most dangerous, or the most time-consuming, but Odeka ke Chocochicks might just be Final Fantasy XV’s most frustrating quest.

There’s been a lot of talk – most of it negative – about Final Fantasy XV‘s infamous Chapter 13. There are also some incredibly difficult dungeons that, if you tackle them too early, will be the death of you. But the mission in Final Fantasy XV that has driven me the most crazy this week was supposed to be a bit of light rest and relaxation.

Allow me to set the scene for you.

You arrive at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival in the beautiful city of Venice Altissia, along with Noctis’ furry friend from the opening tutorial. Bizarrely, the boys – Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto – are nowhere to be seen for this particular jaunt. This seems particularly strange because the carnival seems right up their street; well, Prompto’s street, at any rate. They needed to introduce an interactive photo mode for Noctis to use during the carnival though, and if Prompto were in the team it would’ve seemed jarring for him not to be doing the photography.

The photography makes up a number of the challenges at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, including snapping some hidden stuffed Moogles and a number of landmarks and old friends, including the hungry cat and Hurley from Lost Vyv the magazine publisher. There are also a number of children who’ve lost their balloons which, naturally, Noctis can retrieve using a warp strike. There’s Chocobo racing, fairground games at the arena, and even some odd mini-games like serving meals to hungry diners in Maagho.

There is another mission that seems like it should be a lot of fun. It’s called Odeka ke Chocochicks, and the premise is classic J-RPG: a Chocobo breeder has lost his baby Chocochicks, and it’s up to Noctis to retrieve them.

Baby Chocochicks are incredibly cute. You’ve likely encountered them at Wiz’s Chocobo Post, scuttling around your feet in a fairly limited perimeter. But in Altissia, they can get anywhere, and in Odeka ke Chocochicks you need to catch 15 of the little feathery bastards.

Final Fantasy XV Odeka Ke Chocochicks

You’ll run into your first three or four incredibly easily, and all will be right with the world. You’ll chase them round for a few moments like a farmer chasing a greased up pig (or Link chasing Cuccos in Ocarina of Time, shhh) before stowing the little bugger safely away to return to the breeder. You’ll wander around Altissia and find a few more, but as you get on the other side of the half-way mark, they become harder to find. I spent around three hours at Final Fantasy XV‘s Moogle Chocobo Carnival this evening, and probably half of that – if not more – was chasing around frigging Chocochicks.

And is there any advice I can give you? No, not a damn thing. There are a few videos on YouTube purporting to show you the locations of all of the targets in Odeka ke Chocochicks, but in my experience at least, the little blighters move around. I definitely found one or two in locations I’d already checked three or four times.

In the end I found doing a few other activities – ones that involve a scenario change like Chocobo Racing or the Arena games – seemed to clear my block on the last few, but don’t take that as gospel. Your mileage may vary, but your frustration will be guaranteed.

Still, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is adorable, even though Odeka ke Chocochicks will drive you up the wall.

  1. If this Quest gives you problems I suggest you stop gaming. Seriously how is this frustrating at all?? I casually caught them all while running around Altissia enjoying the sights and so on

    1. It is a bit frustrating when you spend 2 hours looking for the last friggin chocochik. I did what you did, just ran around doing other stuff and found them. Thing is, now I’ve done everything. Got the trophys for both races, got every fishing prize, beat all minigames in ease medium and hard, found all the photo challenges, got all the special medalion prizes (the sticker, fireworks pass and VIP pass) and that is literally all I have left to do. So yeah, I tiny lil bi frustrating.

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