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Tour de France 2017 and Pro Cycling Manager 2017 set for release in June.

Focus Home Interactive have announced that the two official video games of the Tour de France 2017 will be released in June. The games – both of which hail from Cyanide Studio – come in two different flavours, tailored for console and PC gameplay.

Tour de France 2017 – Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Tour de France 2017 – which is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – recreates ‘the thrill’ of riding the 3500KM length of the world’s most famous cycle race. This year’s edition features retooled gameplay mechanics for stamina management, and managing climbs and descents.

The game also provides the opportunity to play a full stage of the tour at x16 speed or – if you take cycling really seriously – in real-time. Before embarking on that mode you might want to take note of Cyanide’s promise that the game’s enhanced AI increases the challenge of completing a stage. It also means there’s a higher chance of disqualification should you finish outside of its time limit. Sounds like fun, that.

Tour de France 2017

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 – PC

This year’s edition of the popular management simulation offers an even more in-depth cycling experience. Pro Cycling Manager 2017 puts you in charge of a professional cycling team with over 200 races to compete in, including world famous events such as La Vuelta and, naturally, the Tour de France. The game gives you control of everything from rider scouting and recruitment, to staff hiring, sponsor management, and contract negotiations. Hopefully those aren’t in real-time.

This year’s edition also adds a new clans feature. By joining a clan you can connect with other players to arrange competitions, chat and compare achievements. There are also a number of tweaks to various game systems including, race tempo, rider speeds, AI, stamina and preparation.

Both games are due for release in June, just prior to the start of the Tour de France. We’ll let you know as soon as we get a confirmed date.

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