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Outriders to arrive on Xbox Game Pass on day one

Outriders will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass on day one.



Outriders - Xbox Game Pass
Square Enix / People Can Fly

(Out)Riding the Xbox Game Pass wave.

Outriders, the upcoming RPG shooter from People Can Fly, will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass on day one. The announcement comes just weeks from the launch of the game – which acts as one of the bigger titles arriving this half of 2021.

Xbox teased the game’s inclusion in Game Pass with the screenshot of an email from “Mellissa McGamepass”, hinting at a mysterious signal in the sky. Fans were quick to pick up the reference to the anomaly which was featured in the demo. However, many were doubtful that Outriders would be arriving so soon.


People Can Fly – the studio behind Bulletstorm – launched an expansive demo for Outriders earlier this month. The demo received mixed-to-positive reviews, with a stilted feel to gameplay and choppy cutscenes among the criticisms.

Announced just days after the colossal addition of 20 Bethesda titles to Xbox Game Pass, Outriders provides yet another win for the subscription service. Arriving on Game Pass will also ensure a flurry of additional players will try out the schlooter – a term I’m still not entirely comfortable with.

Outriders’ staying power depends on how well it manages to draw players in. Unlike titles such as DestinyOutriders has a heavier focus on the story from we’ve seen in previews and the demo itself.

In the game, players will don one of four classes, progressing their characters with an expansive upgrade tree, and a bevvy of crunchy weapons and deadly powers.

Xbox promises that its April 1 launch date is not an April Fools joke. Luckily for Game Pass subscribers Microsoft seem to be telling the truth, and Outriders will be available to them for no additional cost in a couple of weeks.


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