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This week’s Epic Games Store freebie has been given away before

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Overcooked is free right now, but for longtime Epic Games Store users, this is a serving of leftovers.

From now until next Thursday, Epic is offering Ghost Town Games’ hectic co-op cooking game for free to anyone with the launcher. But, if you’ve been scooping up freebies since last year, this offer is a little stale. Epic offered Overcooked as a free game last July.

This is the first instance of the company doubling up on its giveaways. And, while it’s disappointing for me as an eager deal-hunter, it’s still a fun (occasionally friendship-ruining game) and well worth picking up.

Giving away Overcooked again is also very timely, given that much of the world is still under some degree of lockdown. It might not be educational, but Overcooked is a great game to play with your kids; it will help teach them teamwork, coordination, and possibly some swear words if you can’t keep your tongue.

Next week’s game is still shrouded in mystery. But, you can grab Overcooked here until June 11.

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