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iam8bit announce Owlboy vinyl soundtrack and super-cute plushie

Get the Owlboy soundtrack on vinyl, and a Boguin plushie that is too cute by far.



Owlboy - iam8bit

Get the Owlboy soundtrack on vinyl, and a Boguin plushie that is too cute by far.

The days of video game manuals and beautiful box art may be long gone – and physical releases are not usually an option for most indie games – but the boom in spin-off merchandise means there’s no shortage of game-related paraphernalia to display in our gaming dens.

Of all the companies creating merchandise right now, we do have a soft spot forLos Angeles-based, iam8bit. And in one picture, here’s why…


Owlboy - iam8bit plush

This Boguin plush – taken from D-Pad studio’s Owlboy – is a new release from iam8bit and stands 13 inches tall. It comes complete with a real backpack for ‘stashing stuff’ and is probably the cutest thing we’ve seen since Yarn Poochy.

Also coming soon is the Owlboy Vinyl Soundtrack. The release is a two-LP set pressed onto ‘Cloudy Sky’ vinyl. Jonathan Geer’s score is wrapped in beautiful album art by artist Nicole Gustafsson, and includes a digital copy of the soundtrack. The Owlboy vinyl soundtrack and Boguin plushie are available for pre-order today and are priced at $35 each.

Owlboy - vinyl soundtrack

iam8bit recently announced a vinyl release for Jim Guthrie and JJ Ipsen’s Planet Coaster soundtrack, and have also revealed plans for a piano variations range, starting with Toby Fox’s music from Undertale.

Find out more over at the iam8bit website.

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