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For a while there was uncertainty over when Persona 5 was going to grace this part of the world with its presence, if at all.

Then last month it was announced that Deep Silver were to take up publishing responsibilities in Europe (and other PAL countries). This was after Atlus (the games developer) and publisher NIS America parted ways, the PAL region was left in the dark after Atlus made no commitment to publish the game itself outside of Japan and North America.

Whilst fans of the series in the PAL region were relieved that game was coming their way, there was still no information as to when this would be. The PAL region is not the easiest to publish in, due to the multiple countries and (increasingly) complex requirements within.

But today Deep Silver announced the release date, 14th February 2017, and if you hadn’t realised, that it is same date as the North American release. The game will be available on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (unfortunately no Vita release has been revealed given the success of Persona 4 Golden)

Although you will have to contend with the fact that the game launches in Japan on September 15th.

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