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Move aside Mario Maker, Fabraz are releasing a level editor for their enjoyable squelchy platform game, Slime-san.

Fabraz and Headup Games have announced the release of a level editor for pixel-perfect platformer, Slime-san, later this year.

Initially coming to PC via Steam, the editor will let players create their own levels using a variety of tools. The creations can then be shared online – or via ID code – and rated by other players. The editor has gamepad compatibility, along with mouse and keyboard support.

David Laskey, known for his work on TumbleSeed, has lent programming expertise, and composer Meganeko returns with some new music.

Fabraz say the Slime-san level editor will be released as a standalone product for PC, and will potentially come to the Nintendo Switch as part of a future update.

Slime-san Level Editor

The last few years have seen a bumper crop of tough indie platformers come to market, and although Slime-san might not have the visual flourishes of, say, Celeste, or the unrelenting cruelty of N++, it’s a reliable engaging game that successfully combines a gooey fluidity with 1980’s home computer aesthetics.

The game’s combination of simple gameplay mechanics and intricate level design should make it the perfect basis for a successful level creation kit.

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