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Spencer: Playability and back compat important for Xbox Scarlett

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, says that getting games to run at 4K 60 is the goal for Xbox Project Scarlett.



Xbox Project Scarlett

Head of Xbox says that getting games to run at 4K 60 is the goal for Xbox Project Scarlett.

T-shirt connoisseur and head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has reaffirmed Microsoft’s goals for the next Xbox console in a recently published interview with GameSpot.

Speaking about the development of the next Xbox, which is codenamed Project Scarlett, Spencer reiterates the message delivered at the Xbox E3 2019 conference to improve loading times for the next generation of games. Spencer also talks about the importance of ‘playability’ with a focus on frame-rate and resolution, saying the aim is to get games consistently running at 4K 60fps.


“How fast do [games] load? Do I feel like I can get into the game as fast as possible and while it’s playing? How does it feel? Does this game both look and feel like no other game that I’ve seen? That’s our target.”

Backward compatibility – one area in which the Xbox One has surpassed all of its competitors – is also key, Spencer says. Project Scarlett will support games from every Xbox generation, as well as cross-gen play for online multiplayer games. Even better, current Xbox One controllers will also be compatible with Scarlett.

“The things that you’ve bought from us, whether the games or the controllers that you’re using, we want to make sure those are future compatible with the highest fidelity version of our console, which at that time will obviously be the one we’ve just launched.”

If you want to know more about how the console might perform, read our guide everything we know so far about Xbox Project Scarlett and Project xCloud. The system is due to launch in holiday 2020.


Story via: GameSpot

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