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Here’s our round-up of next week’s new PlayStation Store releases for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The most intriguing new PlayStation 4 release of the week is Hi-Bit Studio’s 198X. It’s pitched as a coming-of-age story told through a variety of classic retro genres, and taps into the current appetite for all things 80s with considerable style. And if its Steam reviews are on the money, it also has quite a bit of heart.

Other PS4 highlights includes Etherborn, the new gravity-flipping puzzle adventure from Altered Matter, and Redeemer: Enhanced Edition which adds local co-op multiplayer to the popular top-down shooter.

The week’s PS VR highlight is Telefrag VR, a fast-paced FPS set in an alternate universe where the Roman Empire still reigns supreme.

Here’s the full lineup of new PlayStation Store games.

PlayStation Store releases – July 16, 2019

PlayStation 4

  • 198X
  • Captain Cat
  • The Copper Canyon Shoot Out
  • Etherborn (Jul 18)
  • Flutter Bombs
  • Focus On You
  • Gabbuchi (Jul 18)
  • Growtopia (Jul 18)
  • Let’s Sing 2019
  • Mochi Mochi Boy (Cross Buy)
  • Pig Eat Ball (Jul 17)
  • Redeemer: Enhanced Edition (Jul 19)
  • Submersed (Jul 17)
  • Super Dragonfly Chronicles
  • Telefrag VR (Jul 19)

PlayStation Vita

  • Mochi Mochi Boy (Cross Buy)

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