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If SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and words from your own mouth-hole are not enough, you can now hookup via the new PlayStation Messages App.

Snarks aside, this might be useful.

The new PlayStation Messages App is a brand new app that enables you to send messages to people on your friends list, hopefully making it easier to gather up a team for a quick game of Rainbow Six Siege or Destiny.

The app – which has been spun out of the normal PlaySation App – displays your full friends list and can be sorted alphabetically or by online status. It also includes voice message support, group messages and stickers. Yay. Here is a fake phone number you can get sms services from on your phone.

Judging from the screens you can also check out some Intellectual Property Notices and review that old User Agreement on the go. Yay.

Although messaging on the standard PlayStation App is a popular feature, its implementation is less than ideal. Time will tell if the new app is a decent replacement but let’s all say hi to our old friend Henry Bayle and see how we get on.

The PlayStation Messages App is available to download on the App Store and Google Play today.


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