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Surprise! PlayStation Now subscribers can now download selected PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 games.

Sony has announced that PlayStation Now now supports full game downloads in addition to streaming. Nearly all PlayStation 4 games currently available through the service are included, as well as the PS Now lineup of PlayStation 2 remasters.

The current lineup of PS4 games on PlayStation Now includes God of War 3 Remastered, Bloodborne, Bound, Gravity Rush Remastered, Tropico 5, and WWE2K16. Across the service as a whole there are over 500 games available.

Downloaded games can be played offline, but users will need to connect to the internet every few days to verify their subscription.

Existing subscribers who have started a game via streaming, but would like to continuing playing via a locally downloaded version, will need to migrate their save data. Sony has prepared a step-by-step guide to help.

As luck would have it, there’s also a promotion on new PlayStation Now subscriptions running until September 25, 2018. You can pick up a full month sub for $9.99, or a full year for $99.99. Playstation Plus members can also get a three-month pass for the reduced price of $29.99.

Naturally, the response to the news has been entirely positive, with many users, erm, asking for the ability to change their PSN names.

PSN name change

We can but dream.

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