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Here’s the full lineup of PS4 and PS Vita games coming to the PlayStation Store on January 9, 2018.

2018 kicks into gear with a small selection of new games coming to the PlayStation Store.

Pick of the week is the PS Vita release of The Count Lucanor. Developer Baroque Decay calls their dark fairy tale adventure a mixture of Silent Hill and Zelda. It’s an accurate descriptor for an inventive game that was well-received on its Steam and home console release.

Little Red Lie – Will O’Neill’s thoughtful interactive exploration of class and poverty – also comes to PlayStation 4 and Vita. And over PlayStation 4 you can set up a base on a remote planet in Madruga Works’ accurately named strategy game, PlanetBase.

This week’s game name award goes to Sword of Fortress: the Onomuzim, although it was a close run thing with Plox Neon.

Here is the full PlayStation Store release lineup for next week:

PlayStation Store releases – January 9, 2018

PlayStation 4

  • Energy Invasion (10th)
  • Happy Drummer (11th)
  • Little Red Lie
  • Planetbase (11th)
  • Plox Neon
  • Sword of Fortress: the Onomuzim

PlayStation Vita

  • Energy Invasion (10th)
  • Little Red Lie
  • The Count Lucanor

PlayStation 3

  • No more biscuits in the barrel.

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