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The steady stream of Pokémon Sun and Moon news continues with another trailer less than a week after the 3DS-heavy Nintendo Direct. More Pokémon (including another Alolan version) were revealed, but what stands out is the new features.

The new Poké Finder allows player to take photos of Pokémon they discover during their travels. This will be via the Rotom Dex (a Pokédex inhabited by the Pokémon Rotom) and can be used in various spots dotted throughout the islands of the Alolan archipelago. After snapping a photo it will when be evaluated, and the better the player gets, the more features (such as the ability to zoom) are made available. Whilst this might not be quite as immersive as Pokémon Snap it seems like an extension of the photo options found in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, and undoubtedly many will have their 3DS SD cards inundated with snaps of the various Pokémon they’ve encountered.

The trailer also revealed additional differences between the two versions of the game, beyond different legendary Pokémon. The Pokémon games have been tied to the actual time since Pokémon Gold and Silver via an in game clock (and since arriving on the DS, the system clock) and this continues with Sun and Moon, but the difference this time is that events in these two worlds are 12 hours apart. Pokémon Sun follows the exact time as the players’ 3DS system, whereas Pokémon Moon has its time shifted later by 12 hours. Meaning that if someone is playing Moon at 1PM, it will be 1AM in the game. This is an interesting thematic twist that helps Moon stand out from its predecessors and also gives a more defined distinction between the two versions.

Just over two months remain until Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon release on November 23rd in Europe (and five days earlier in Japan/North America), although how much more the Pokémon Company can reveal before release is unknown, but if so we will certainly keep you posted.

For now, watch the latest trailer below showing off the new features, and get a glimpse of the additional Pokémon to that ever growing Pokédex.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/bCTj-04gfMM” autoplay=”no”]

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