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Pokémon Sun and Moon give Nintendo their biggest ever European launch

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The series might be twenty years old but Pokémon fever appears to be as strong as ever.

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Pokémon Sun and Moon have sold a combined 1.5 million copies across the region since their release on 23rd November.

In this week’s UK software chart the two Nintendo 3DS games came in at positions three and four, just behind Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and FIFA 17. However, their combined UK sales of more than 368,000 copies makes them the week’s best-selling release by some distance. According to various reports they have also sold approximately 2 million units in Japan.

The huge success of Pokémon Go is certainly one reason why interest in Sun and Moon is so high, but another factor must also be the game’s critical reception. Reviewers across the board have responded favourably to the subtle and significant changes introduced to the series by Game Freak director, Junichi Masuda.

It will be interesting to see if Sun and Moon‘s popularity will also have a positive effect on sales of the Nintendo 3DS, which is fast approaching its sixth year on the market. Nintendo certainly appears committed to supporting the system throughout 2017 with a number of high-profile titles slated for release. Eurogamer recently reported that a high-definition Sun and Moon sequel – codenamed Pokémon Stars – is currently in development for the forthcoming Nintendo Switch console.

If you are playing the game at the moment, and fancy yourself as a bit of a pro, you’ll be pleased to know that you are eligible to compete in the first major Pokémon Sun and Moon tournament.

The event takes place from 9-11 December at the official European International Championships in London. At the event players can compete for a share of a $250,000 prize pool. You can find out how to enter at: http://www.pokemon.com/uk/play-pokemon/internationals/2017/about/.

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