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Mick Gordon’s eerie soundtrack to Prey is now available to stream and download.

Prey is a reboot of the Bethesda-owned IP that originally came to PC and console in 2006.  In truth, the new game – which is developed by Arkane Studios – has little to do with Human Head’s flawed but enjoyable FPS, and appears to be very much its own beast. Set on board the space station Talos I, the game casts the player as Morgan Yu, a human under siege by hostile aliens. The narrative-led adventure looks to be every part the successor to games like System Shock and BioShock.

To accompany the action, the multi-talented Mick Gordon is on composing duties and has created another striking score to follow up his impressive work on 2016’s, Doom. The combination of ambient guitars and thumping synth beats is, in parts, full ’80s retro, but it also manages to be chilling and unsettling. The score features additional contributions from Matt Piersall, Raphael Colantonio, and Ben Crossbones.

Prey - Original Game Soundtrack

If you’ve played the Prey demo, you will be familiar with the music. And if you liked what you heard, you can now revel in its cold embrace away from all that game nonsense by streaming or downloading the soundtrack from all the usual platforms.

Prey: Original Game Soundtrack – track list:

  • The Experiment – Mick Gordon
  • Everything Is Going to Be Okay – Mick Gordon
  • Typhon Voices – Mick Gordon
  • The Phantoms – Mick Gordon
  • Into the Tunnels – Matt Piersall
  • Human Elements – Mick Gordon
  • The Truth Will Set You Free – Mick Gordon
  • No Gravity – Mick Gordon
  • Alex Theme – Mick Gordon
  • December and January – Mick Gordon
  • Neuromods – Mick Gordon
  • Stranded – Ben Crossbones
  • Semi Sacred Geometry – Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • Mind Game – Raphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall

The Prey Original Game Soundtrack is now available to stream on Spotify or Apple Music, or for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music or Google Play.

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