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The BAFTA-winning Prison Architect is coming to Android and iOS. No jailbreak required.

Prison Architect: Mobile is a new version of the popular prison management sim that has sold over 2 million copies since its release in 2015. The mobile edition comes via a new partnership between the game’s developer, Introversion Software, and strategy specialists, Paradox Interactive, publisher of Cities: Skylines and Stellaris.

Kim Nordström, SVP of innovation at Paradox Interactive, said in a press statement:

“Mobile devices are more than capable of delivering the kind of experience that we think of as authentically ‘Paradox’ – deep, replayable, challenging games that maintain the high level of quality our fans expect from us. Prison Architect fits that mold perfectly, and we’re eager to help Introversion bring the game to more players across more platforms.”

Mark Morris, co-founder at Introversion Software, added:

“We’ve been actively supporting Prison Architect to keep expanding and improving the game since late 2012, and our community has continued to grow as well. A partner who understands long-term support and iteration is crucial for the future of Prison Architect, and it’s safe to say Paradox has experience in that area.”

Prison Architect: Mobile

Prison Architect: Mobile will be a free to play, naturally, with extra content and gameplay modes available for in-game purchase.

Starting today, the game is also getting an Early Access-style beta that is open to a limited number of Netherlands-based players. To take part, move to the Netherlands, and simply download the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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