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Production on Indivisible shut down after Lab Zero Games closure

Indivisible will get one final update on Switch, but some planned content will never be released.



Indivisible game closing down
Lab Zero Games / Thumbsticks

Indivisible will get one final update on Switch, but some planned content will never be released.

We finally have some answers on how Lab Zero Games’ final project, Indivisible, will be affected by the closure of the studio after publisher 505 Games put out a statement.

As we covered previously, it follows two months of turmoil at the former studio after the owner’s systemic abusive behaviour was exposed and he refused to leave. Thankfully for many of the employees, the quick formation of Future Club, “an employee-owned cooperative game development studio” means happier days for the veteran devs should be ahead.


As for Indivisible’s future, however, 505 Games had this to say:

There one final Nintendo Switch update already in submission, however, and it will give the platform parity with every other version. This is due on October 13 and onwards, depending on your region.

505 Games is also ensuring the remaining physical IndieGoGo Backer reward, the Ajna/Heruka Statue, is released. Those statues are reportedly just going into production.

You can expect the game to remain available for purchase digitally on all current platforms and physically on PS4 and Xbox One in all regions and on Switch in Europe and Japan. North America should also still get physical Nintendo Switch cartridges via select retailers in November.

Unfortunately, the closure does leave some loose ends for the game.

‘Guest characters’ and some ‘backer-created characters’ including the protagonists of Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, and Shantae are now not being added since “the IP holder for at least one of the guest characters has backed out” and they “expect more will follow.” However, many backers on Twitter are understandably upset that the tiers they invested in are now going unfulfilled and several broken trophies will go unfixed.


We’ll have to also see what it means for the previously announced animated TV series. One thing 505 Games could comment on is that a sequel looks unlikely to occur.

It’s a less happy development in the ongoing story for sure, but it’s good to see key elements still being fulfilled. Unfortunately, it’s yet another ‘backer beware’ lesson for those who invested in the game on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Even the best industry analysts can’t predict the tragic twists and turns that sometimes befall the games we love.

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