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Lykan HyperSport. Audi A1. What comes next in this sequence…?

Project CARS is an interesting beast. We’ve already covered the lengthy delays, but developer Slightly Mad Studios still seem determined to throw more free stuff at us by way of apology. I genuinely think by now people have forgotten, but the longer they keep firing free stuff at us the better in this age of never-ending patches and purchasing DLC fatalities.

Now that Project CARS 2 has already been announced – which on the one hand seems ridiculously early, but is perhaps just following the original trajectory given all the delays – we’re not entirely sure how long the goodies for the original Project CARS will keep coming, so let’s enjoy them while they last.

Everybody is asking what will Project CARS Free Car 3 be? We don’t know, and frankly trying to work it our nearly broke our brains, but let’s have a look at what we do know so far.

Project CARS Free Car 1: W Motors Lykan HyperSport

They said:

Project CARS free car 1One of the most exclusive and expensive cars ever to be made with additional options such as embeddable diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires being available, the Lykan Hypersport is also the first supercar to be produced in the Middle East and is the star of a breathtaking set-piece in the upcoming Furious 7 film.

Capable of reaching 62mph in just 2.8 seconds, the Lykan Hypersport from W Motors has both impressive power producing 740 bhp with a top speed of 245mph whilst also showcasing breathtaking styling and futuristic technology such as a holographic mid-air dashboard

We said:

Makes perfect sense. Obscenely expensive, jaw-droppingly angular, and more exclusive than rocking horse excrement – this is a Super Car in the truest sense of the word. More of this, please.

Project CARS Free Car 2: Audi A1 Quattro

They said:

Project CARS free car 2After the warm reception of their A1 clubsport concept car, in 2012 Audi announced the A1 quattro, mating their most compact car with their signature all-wheel-drive system and a powerful two-litre engine boasting both direct injection and turbocharging.

Limited to only 333 cars, the A1 quattro punches above its weight with the torque and traction of larger performance cars in a small frame. Aggressive styling and unique alloy wheels warn that this is no ordinary super-mini.

We said:

Er, what now? You went from a 200mph+ Super Car to the sort of super-mini we’re used to seeing at the supermarket? And you don’t expect us to question that…?

Yes, OK, we take your point that the A1 Quattro is more than just your regular hairdresser’s car – there’s only 333 of the things made and it’ll eat most things for breakfast on a rally special stage – but it’s a super-mini hatchback! What the hell, Project CARS?

Project CARS Free Car 3: …?

They said:

Project CARS Free Car 3 coming soon!

We said:

Project CARS free car 3Erm, on the evidence of Free Car 1, our guess for Project CARS Free Car 3 might’ve been some sort of Super Car like an Aston Martin or McLaren. Or maybe something rare and unusual from a marque that isn’t already in the Project CARS roster – as with the Lykan – like a Koenigsegg or a Gumpert; or something futuristic and electric like a Tesla or BMW i8. But now? After the Audi A1 fiasco?

We’re half-wondering if Project CARS Free Car 3 might be something really ordinary, like a Renault Scenic or a Fiat Panda, or perhaps something really shit like a Morris Minor or a de-badged Citroen Saxo with aftermarket body-kit and neons…

Do you have any predictions on what Project CARS Free Car 3 might be? Let us know in the comments below, and watch this space for more updates.

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