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Save on PS Plus and PS Now in the PlayStation Black Friday Sale

Sony is offering discounts on PS Plus and PS Now in the PlayStation Black Friday Sale.



PS Plus and PS Now - PlayStation Black Friday Sale
Sony / Thumbsticks

Sony is offering discounts on PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions in the PlayStation Black Friday Sale.

In addition to a bucketload of PS4 games – which are also playable on PS5 – the PlayStation Black Friday sale is also reducing the price the PS Plus and PS Now subscription services for a limited time.

For those new to this, PS Plus provides access to online multiplayer in the vast majority of games (typically those that are not free-to-play) and at least two free games to download each month. November’s free games are the marvellous Hollow Knight and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Bugsnax is also available to PS5 owners. We should find out what games are coming in December later this week.


PS Now is a game streaming service that often doesn’t get the credit it is due. The platform pre-dates Google Stadia by five years and is much better than its reputation suggests. Additionally, many titles can also be downloaded to your console and played natively while your subscription remains active.

Until November 30, you can get a 25% discount on annual subscriptions to both services. A 20% discount is also available until on three-month PS Now subs.

PS Plus and PS Now Black Friday Subscription Sale

  • PlayStation Now: 3 Month Subscription – 20% off
  • PlayStation Now: 12 Month Subscription – 25% off
  • PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership – 25% off

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