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Sony has revealed the box art design for PlayStation 5 games with the cover of Spider-Man Miles Morales. Here’s how it compares to PlayStation box art layouts from the past.

There’s not a huge amount to say about the PlayStation 5 box art design. PS5 games will come in a standard-sized Blu-ray case, and the cover art will feature the PS5 logo in black on a white stripe. The design is pretty consistent with the box art layouts Sony has used in the past, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Here’s a look back at previous PlayStation box art designs, using old Spider-Man games as examples.

PlayStation 4 – Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Box Art

The PlayStation 4 design includes a similar stripe across the top of the box, but in blue. Late PS3 games also adopted this design in 2015. We love the cover art for Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s bright, bold, dynamic, and refreshingly simple. Top marks.

PlayStation 3 (Second version) – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man PlayStation 3 cover art

Sony revised the PlayStation 3 cover art layout with the introduction of the PS3 Slim console in 2009. It’s a sleek and stylish improvement over…

PlayStation 3 (First version) – Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man PlayStation 3 Box Art

The original PlayStation 3 branding caused much mirth by using the same typeface as Sony’s Spider-Man movie franchise. The font is not particularly readable and when used on a Spider-Man game, it’s all kinds of messy.

PlayStation 2 – Spider-Man

Spider-Man PlayStation 2 cover art

The PlayStation 2 branding retains the original PlayStation font and colour version of the logo. The design is now so iconic that it’s almost impossible to critique. Simple and timeless.

PlayStation 1 – Spider-Man

Spider-Man PlayStation 1 Box Art

We’re in CD-ROM country. Again, it’s basic, but all the better for it. The layout does a much better job of selling a game than Nintendo managed with its fussy and inconsistent N64 boxes.

PSP and PS Vita

Spider-Man PSP PS Vita Box Art

The box art branding for PSP and PlayStation Vita games is also reflective of their respective eras.

We apologise for bringing up memories of bad Activision Spider-Man games in this article.

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