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PUBG creator Brendan Greene has revealed that the possibility of single player mode being added to the game is a very remote one indeed.

Speaking to Gamespot at PAX Aus, Greene revealed that once upon a time, it was a far stronger possibility – in fact, he had written up some lore for the game which would sit comfortably in a campaign mode.

Whilst this will undoubtedly send PUBG fans (over two million of them now) into frenzy, Greene said it isn’t happening any time soon:

“Because of the lore of the island, there was an idea that I had for what I thought would be a pretty cool single-player, and even co-op single-player campaign. We have no resources. We have no time. We have no plans to add anything like this to the game. No, no single-player is coming to Battlegrounds.”

Greene did go on to say, however, that it might not always be the case. He said that he would like delve into PUBG’s lore, “maybe someday.”

Certainly plans for the game at present are centred on expanding the multiplayer experience; just last week Greene revealed that a sequel is not going to be in the works any time soon for much the same reason.

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