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PUBG Corp. will be donating $2million to various gaming charity events on the calendar this year.

Given its gargantuan popularity right now, with over 30 million players playing and spending money on the game via its micro-transactions, the PUBG developer has decided to give back.

These events include the PUBG Extra Life marathon and Gamers Outreach – a charity set up to provide “kids in hospitals with recreation and therapy through the power of video games.”

The money will come from the PUBG crates, which were sold as part of a promotion for the game during Gamescom, last summer.

Running from January 29th through to February 2nd, the Extra Life marathon will receive a $300,000 donation.

The Gamers Outreach event will take the form of a huge LAN tournament to support the Gamers for Giving 2018 campaign. PUBG Corp. is going to match the donations for the event, and for the Extra Life Marathon.

On top of that, it will also be giving a further $1million to various charity groups – the campaigns will be announced throughout the year.

In a statement, community manager Sammie Kang said:

“It’s been great to see content creators and their audiences using their talents for worthy causes, and PUBG Corp. is committed to supporting charity efforts with the same enthusiasm our players have shown. We’ve made an impact in the gaming world over the past year, and we’re hoping to have even more of an effect on some outstanding charitable organizations in 2018.”

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