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Don’t have a gaming PC, or holding out for the PUBG Xbox One release for other reasons? Well this is the news you’ve been waiting for.

Earlier today, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene teased some exciting PUBG news at Paris Games Week:


Now, the fact that the other chap in the photo is Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, it seemed something of a fait accompli. We were going to be finding out the PUBG Xbox One release date, right?

And lo, as it was it written in the stars, it has come to pass. Brendan and Aaron did read from the scriptures of Bluehole, and decree that PUBG would be coming to Xbox Game Preview on December 12th, 2017. It is expected to cost the same as the PC version – $29.99 US / £26.99 – which is a pleasant surprise.

Eurogamer caught up with the man himself, and gleaned a few more snippets about the PUBG Xbox One release, including:

  • Vaulting will be in the Xbox One version at launch.
  • It won’t have the desert map on December 12th, and they don’t have an ETA yet.
  • Updates will be pretty regular – that’s why it’s gone into Game Preview.
  • Cross-play isn’t on the agenda yet, but they’d like to have it (controller vs. keyboard and mouse issues aside).
  • The PC version will help to optimise the console version, and vice versa.
  • Initially they targeted six months, but PUBG will stay in Xbox Game Preview “until it’s ready”.
  • It will be third-person only to begin with.

Brendan also mentioned that the desert map will be included with the full PC launch, when PUBG leaves Early Access and goes into main release with version 1.0, still expected to be in December 2017. We’d all best get cracking on testing vaulting, then, which launches tomorrow.

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