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Railway Empire arrives on Nintendo Switch next year

All aboard, Railway Empire is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020.



Railway Empire Nintendo Switch release date

All aboard, Railway Empire is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

Kalypso Media has announced that popular railway simulation game Railway Empire will be arriving on Nintendo on February 14, 2020.

The game – which is developed by Independent Arts Software – will be released digitally and at retail, and includes the US-based core game plus the Crossing the Andes, Mexico and The Great Lakes expansions. The game’s German, France and Great Britain & Ireland DLC will be available as additional purchases via the Nintendo eShop.


Railway Empire lets players create huge rail networks to manage across five technological eras. The game includes 40 different trains and swathe of buildings to manage, including railway stations, maintenance hubs, factories and tourist attractions. At the same time, three rival rail business are aiming to dominate the market.

The game is a big hit on PC, and the existing console versions are thoughtfully designed. Assuming the game’s graphical fidelity remains intact – as with Civilisation VI and Cities: Skylines – there’s no reason why the Nintendo Switch port can’t become a valid destination for budding railway tycoons.

Take a look at the game running on Switch in the brand new trailer.

Railway Empire is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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