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Ubisoft weighs in on ‘Rainbow Six: Parasite’ rumours

No, Ubisoft isn’t changing the name of Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Parasite.



Rainbow Six Quarantine - Key Art

No, Ubisoft isn’t changing the name of Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Parasite.

Ubisoft has clarified on the circulating rumours this morning that it has changed the title of Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Parasite, stating that Parasite was not in fact the new title for the delayed project.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine was announced back in 2019, acting as a fully fledged version of Outbreak, a game mode that saw Operators facing off against aliens in Rainbow Six: Siege’s time limited Operation Chimera in 2018. News on the spin-off has been relatively hushed since, with the project being quietly delayed into Ubisoft’s 2021/22 fiscal year, due to production strains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


However, that wasn’t the only thing that the pandemic has affected, with Ubisoft showing interest in changing the “Quarantine” sub-title due to its evolving association – a word I’m sure we’d all like to hear a little less. These rumours were then seemingly substantiated when a datamine (sourced by MP1st) from the PlayStation Store revealed the supposed game startup screen featuring the new sub-title, “Parasite”.

Ubisoft has since set the record straight. Speaking with Play Diaries, the publisher stated that while Parasite is the title currently being used for internal playtesting, it is not the new title of the game. They continue, promising that news and a new title will be revealed “soon”, confirming that the name of the game will be changed.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine was originally slated for a 2020 release but is currently aiming for a late 2021/early 2022 release date.


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