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Rami Ismail to be Indie Keynote Speaker at Develop: Brighton 2015

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Rami Ismail has been named as the Indie Keynote Speaker at this year’s Develop:Brighton.

Ismail is the co-founder of Vlambeer, the studio behind Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing, Luftrausers and the forthcoming Nuclear Throne.

In addition to his success with Vlambeer, Ismail is also known for his progressive views on the future of development around the world, the support of the industry by governments, and the wider games playing community. His talks at events such as GDC address the challenges, concerns and hopes of Indie developers all around the world.

Other sessions in the Indie Dev Day include:

Tengami – Rising Above the Fold
Jennifer Schneidereit, Nyamyam

An Indie Developer Perspective
Ana Ribeiro, Pixel Ripped

Ten Things Indies Need to Stop Doing Immediately
Lewis Denby, Beefjack

Killing the “Lucky Indie” Myth: How to Build a Sustainable Microstudio
Simon Roth, Machine Studios

Alongside the expo, there are also a number of free-to-attend Indie BootCamp sessions. Super Early Bird passes are available until 29th April, saving delegates up to 30% of a three day pass.

Find out more at www.developconference.com.

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