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The real life inspiration for all that PUBG equipment

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a complex game with a lot of stuff – just what is all of that PUBG equipment based on in real life?



PUBG equipment

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a complex game with a lot of stuff – just what is all of that PUBG equipment based on in real life?



  • P18C – Glock 18c
    • The Glock 18c is a polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol introduced in the early 80s for the Austrian Military and police. It now sees widespread use – initial fears over plastic proved unfounded; the 18c is lightweight and reliable – and has a very high rate of fire and (relatively) low damage here in PUBG.
  • P1911 – Colt M1911
    • The Colt M1911 is a semi-automatic pistol, widely used by US armed forces between 1911 and 1986. It’s chambered for .45-ACP for greater stopping power, but features a slightly slower rate of fire, which places it in the middle of the pistol spectrum in PUBG.
  • P92 – Beretta 92FS
    • Chambered for 9mm rounds, with slightly less power but a quicker rate of fire to the P1911, the Beretta 92FS replaced the Colt M1911 for the US military in the mid-eighties.
  • R1895 – Nagant M1895
    • The Nagant M1895 is a seven-shot revolver, designed for the Russian Empire in 1895 by Belgian industrialist Léon Nagant. It’s a very powerful pistol, and that’s replicated in PUBG, but the reload time is so slow we get palpitations if it’s the only weapon we can find during early looting.
  • R45 – Rhino 60DS
    • The R45 is exclusive to the Miramar desert map, and is similar to the R1895 for stopping power and rate of fire. It comes with one major advantage, however: the R45 is reloaded with ‘moon clips’, a pre-loaded ring of bullets which means you chamber all six .45-ACP rounds at once.

Subbmachine Guns (SMGs)

  • Micro UZI – Micro Uzi
    • If the AKM/AK-47 is the most ubiquitous assault rifle among conflicts, the compact, rapid-fire Uzi is perhaps best known for its place in criminality and gang violence. The Micro UZI in PUBG is the machine pistol variant of the 9mm Israeli submachine gun designed by Major Uziel Gal in the early 1950s. Add a stock and it turns into a ‘proper’ Uzi.
  • Tommy Gun – Thompson Submachine Gun
    • The Thompson submachine gun, nicknamed the ‘Chicago Typewriter’, was designed by John Thompson in 1918, and saw extensive use among criminals and police alike during the prohibition era, and also with the US military during World War II. While the Tommy Gun in PUBG deals high damage for an SMG due to it’s .45-ACP rounds, it’s frustratingly inconsistent with which attachments you can use, and the recoil is virtually unmanageable without a vertical foregrip.
  • UMP9 – Heckler & Koch UMP
    • The UMP in UMP9 stands for Universale Maschinenpistole, its name according to German manufacturer, Heckler & Koch. The 9 on the end is presumably just because it uses 9mm rounds. The UMP is the successor to H&K’s MP5 SMG, and is widely used in law enforcement. In PUBG, the range of attachments – combined with decent range, damage, and stability – makes this a decent short-range alternative to an assault rifle.
  • Vector – KRISS Vector
    • The KRISS Vector, formerly the TDI Vector, is one of the more modern weapons in PUBG. having been introduced in its original form in 2007. Small and lightweight, with a full complement of attachments, the Vector is outwardly similar to the UMP9; however with a minuscule magazine (only 13 rounds) and uncomfortable recoil on full auto (without a stock and foregrip) we tend to favour the German SMG.

PUBG vector

Assault Rifles

  • AKM – Kalashnikov AK-47
    • The AK-47 is possibly the most iconic weapon in the world. The cheap to produce and easy to maintain assault rifle has been the mainstay of everyone from government militaries to guerrillas and militia. The M designation here means its the modernised version – the Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy – introduced in 1959, with a muzzle brake for reduced recoil, and slightly reduced rate of fire on full-auto.
  • AUG A3 – Steyr AUG A3
    • The AUG A3 was introduced this autumn, and can only be found in supply drops. Introduced by the Austrian army in the 1970s and firing NATO-standard 5.56 rounds, this bullpup assault rifle also features MIL-STD-1913 rail for scope attachments.
  • Groza – OTs-14 Groza
    • The Groza is a bullpup assault rifle – similar to the newly-introduced AUG A3, but chambered for 7.62 rounds. It’s also a beast. It features the same range and damage profile as the AKM, but its full-auto mode is relentless; it’s for the best that this is only found in care package air drops.
  • M16A4 – M16A4
    • The M16 is a US military adaptation of the Armalight AR-15. The fourth generation – the A4 designation – improves the original with a larger magazine, better grip, and a mounting rail for optics. It also boasts the fastest rate of fire in PUBG’s assault rifles; though it only features single and burst-fire modes. The M16 has been largely replaced by the US military and Marine Corps by the…
  • M416 – M4 Carbine (Heckler & Koch HK416?)
    • Though the M-designation means this appears to be the US military M4 Carbine rifle (that came into service to replace the M16) the fact they’ve added the M416 designation on this weapon’s name makes it a little less unclear. Is it in fact a Heckler & Koch HK416, or an amalgamation of the two? We’re not entirely sure, but its full-auto fire mode makes it better for close engagements than the M16A4 – if you’ve got a stock and foregrip to control the recoil.
    • The FN SCAR-L, which stands for – deep breath – Fabrique Nationale Special operations forces Combat Assault Rifle Light, is a Belgian-built assault rifle that has similar stats to the M16A4, and features the full-auto fire mode of the M416. The SCAR-L is chambered for NATO 5.56 rounds, whereas the real life SCAR-H (for ‘Heavy’, which isn’t in the game… yet) is chambered for 7.62 rounds.

Light Machine Guns

  • DP-28 – Degtyaryov machine gun
    • The DP-28’s full name – or sometimes DP-27; the weapon was designed in 1927, but first appeared in 1928 – is Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotny, literally Degtyaryov’s infantry machine gun. Nicknamed the ‘Record Player’ by the Red Army, due to its distinctive top-loading circular drum magazine. The PUBG version also features a retracting bipod, which deploys automatically when prone.
  • M249 – M249 SAW
    • The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) is a light machine gun built by FN Herstal, the Belgian manufacturers who also produce the SCAR-L, that has been in service since the eighties. It features a rapid rate of fire and a huge magazine, but has cumbersome reload times as a result. Unusually for an LMG, can be fitted with up to a 15x scope for long range engagements, but its fire rate makes it better at short-to-middle distances.


  • S12K – Saiga 12K
    • The Saiga 12K is an assault rifle-style, semi-auto shotgun. Its damage is slightly lower than the other shotguns, but with a five shell magazine for speedy reload and the ability to unload five rounds in just over a second, the S12K is vicious. You can also add AR-type attachments like extended mags and scopes, and the world’s largest comedy suppressor.
  • S1897 – Winchester Model 1897 ‘Trench Gun’
    • The Winchester ‘Trench Gun’ is a five shell, pump-action shotgun, that has seen action in all manner of global combat theatres since its introduction at the turn of the last century. Stats are similar to the S686, but the ability to hold five rounds means you can clear a whole squad (but it takes longer to reload).
  • S686 – Beretta 686 ‘Silver Pigeon’
    • If you’ve ever been clay pigeon shooting, the double-barelled S686 – or something very similar in design – is exactly what you’ll have used. Two shots is not a lot when you’re taking on a squad (or a moving target) but the ability to unload both barrels almost at exactly the same time means you can deliver a tonne of damage at point-blank range.
  • Sawed-off – Sawn-off shotgun
    • The sawed-off – I’m sorry, I’m referring to it as a sawn-off, I can’t bring myself to call it that – is a new weapon that’s exclusive to the Miramar desert map. It’s similar to the S686 but with the barrel sawn right down (hence the name, sawn-off) for shorter range and wider spread. Unusually, it also goes into your pistol/sidearm slot.

PUBG sawn-off shotgun

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

  • Mini 14 – Ruger Mini-14
    • The Mini 14 was added in an update this autumn, and like the VSS sniper rifle, it’s a bit of an odd duck. It’s got relatively low damage for a DMR, but with a large magazine, high muzzle velocity and range, lighter weight 5.56 rounds, and a high rate of semi-auto fire, it’s a middle ground between sniper and assault rifle.
  • Mk14 EBR – Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
    • The Mk14 EBR is a DMR favoured by US special forces. This crate-only weapon sits above the Mini 14 and SKS for power and damage, and has a full-auto mode alongside the semi-auto of the other two DMRs. Like the light machine guns in the game, the Mk14 also features a natty bipod which deploys automatically for extra stability, but it’s only usable while prone.
  • SKS – SKS-45
    • The SKS-45 – or Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova 1945 to its mother – is a Soviet designated marksman rifle chambered for 7.62 rounds. Like the Mini 14, the SKS can be found in regular loot rotation, and with high damage and semi-auto fire, it makes a good bridge between sniper and assault rifle. The recoil-reducing stock seen in-game is not a standard specification – the SKS-45 usually comes with a solid wooden stock.

Sniper Rifles

  • AWM – Arctic Warfare Magnum
    • The AWM, from Accuracy International, is just as the name suggests: a long barrel sniper rifle that fires .300 Magnum rounds. It is currently the only weapon to use this ammo in PUBG, and because of its outrageous stopping power, it’s probably for the best that the AWM can only be found in care package drops.
  • Kar98k – Karabiner 98 Kurz
    • This is a vintage German bolt-action sniper rifle, designed for use in World War II, and is a shortened version of the Mauser 98 (chambered with 7.62 rounds in PUBG). Hugely powerful and massive range, but with a slow rate of fire, this can be a tricky gun to master at first. If you hear that telltale, rhythmic delay between shots, that can only be a Kar98k (or worse, an AWM or M24)? Run.
  • M24 – US Military M24 Sniper Weapon System
    • The M24 is the US Military’s standard issue sniper rifle, and is technically the military and police version of the Remington 700 rifle. With its slightly increased power and magazine for faster reload, the M24 is the next step up from the Kar98k.
  • VSS – VSS Vintorez
    • The VSS Vintorez is a very unusual weapon. It’s a 9mm sniper rifle with a 4x scope and suppressor built in – no, they can’t be swapped, not even to upgrade the scope to something bigger – but you won’t need to: the range is short and the power is incredibly low. Its 9mm rounds are subsonic, though, so people won’t even hear the telltale crack.
  • Winchester – Winchester Model 1894
    • This is a lever action repeater cowboy rifle, exactly as you’d see it in a classic spaghetti western, or the more modern TV series, Westworld. It’s got decent power and long range, but you can’t fit an optical attachment, which means it’s wonky ironsights all the way. Also, only available on the thematically appropriate Miramar desert map.

PUBG winchester rifle


  • Crossbow
    • Great for living our your Daryl Dixon fantasies, but not for much else. The crossbow is silent and insta-kills on headshots – which means if someone doesn’t know where you are you can get the drop on them – but if they find you, and you don’t have any other weapons? You’re screwed. The reload time on the crossbow is unbearable.

Melee Weapons

  • Crowbar
    • Standard issue long metal pry bar, just like Gordon Freeman carries in Half-Life.
  • Machete
    • A machete, obviously. Usually for chopping a path in dense jungle, but can be used for chopping a path through dense players in a pinch.
  • Sickle
    • A short-handled grain scythe, specifically included in PUBG as a nod to the Japanese movie that inspired the game, Battle Royale.
  • Pan
    • A cast iron frying pan or skillet, also supposed to be a callback to Battle Royale (though in the movie Shuya receives a pan lid, not the pan itself). The pan does slightly more damage than the other melee weapons, and as an added bonus – and happy accident – can also deflect bullets. It’s heavy duty enough to stop rifle fire, so probably a good brand, like Le Creuset.


  • Frag Grenade
    • A standard fragmentation grenade. Bouncy, explosive, dangerous. Can also be used to overturn flipped vehicles.
  • Smoke Grenade
    • Produces a plume of smoke to cause confusion in a confined space, or obscure the view when crossing open areas. The smoke is directional, from the top of the can, and you can’t decide which way it’s going to fall. Also, takes up a surprising amount of inventory space.
  • Stun Grenade
    • Otherwise known as a flash-bang grenade, the stun grenade is used to temporarily incapacitate or disorientate enemy combatants, with a defeaning bang and blinding light. Works best in confined spaces, just like real life.
  • Molotov Cocktail
    • A bottle filled with an unspecified explosive/flammable liquid, and a rag poking out the top. Light the rag of this improvised incendiary, throw the bottle, and watch the flames spread.

Armour and Apparel


  • Level 1 – Police Vest
    • This is basically the standard issue vest that’s given to beat cops. Minor stopping power, but probably designed more with repelling knife blades than high-calibre rounds in mind.
  • Level 2 – Police Vest
    • The level 2 vest is darker in colour, which suggests it’s more likely the type of vest used by police armed response units, SWAT teams and the like. Better stopping power, and more room to store your nicknacks.
  • Level 3 – Military Vest
    • The third vest in PUBG is the best, by some stretch. It offers the most protection and a tonne of extra storage space – just look at all those pockets!


  • Level 1 – Motorcycle Helmet
    • A sixties, mod-style motorcycle helmet. Not the most practical battle apparel, but this old tin hat is probably better at stopping bullets than a modern polycarbonate motorcycle helmet, at least. Look for the matte variant to reduce bonce glint in the sun.
  • Level 2 – Military Helmet
    • This is a standard issue military helmet, the sort of thing you might have seen general infantry shoving cards and cigarette packets into the mesh of during the Vietnam and Korean wars. The technology largely remains the same, and it comes in both desert and foliage camouflage variants.
  • Level 3 – Spetsnaz Helmet
    • Based on the K6–3 and the Altyn helmets used by Russian special forces – the Spetsnaz – this might look like a welding visor, but it actually offers massive ballistic protection (and no optical protection against bright lights, sorry). Plus it makes you look like a terrifying robot badass soldier; something that’s particularly useful if you’re actually in the special forces.


  • Level 1 – Backpack
    • This is a fairly standard rucksack. The kind of thing your little brother or sister takes to school, but with fewer Pokémon patches sewn on.
  • Level 2 – Rucksack
    • You might think that backpack and rucksack are interchangeable terms, but rucksacks are typically larger and more ‘outdoorsy’ in their focus than backpacks. The same is true with the bags in PUBG.
  • Level 3 – Bergen
    • This super-large, military issue rucksack – known as a bergen – can carry a lot. If you want to be in the military, you have to be used to yomping one of these around the countryside with 80kg in it during training. They’re also relatively camouflaged, but their large, protruding size can make you easier to spot while laying prone in the grass.


  • Pan
    • Not technically apparel, but it will literally save your ass from incoming rounds while you hang it from your waist. If you’re really sharp – or an absolute smart arse – you can bat away incoming grenades and even bullets, like Kyle Katarn with a lightsaber.



  • Buggy – Beach Buggy
    • A metal-framed off-road buggy, similar to the custom models people build from the chassis and engine of original Volkswagen Beetles.
  • Dacia – Dacia 1300
    • The Dacia is included because Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene is a fan of Top Gear, and for several years, James May tried to talk about the Dacia Sandero before being drowned out by his boorish co-hosts as a recurring gag. This feels every bit like its real-life counterpart, the ‘discount’ version of the Renault 12 (an already terrible and inexpensive car).
  • Motorcycle
    • It’s unclear exactly what the motorcycle is in PUBG, other than very fast and very dangerous.
  • Sidecar Motorcycle
    • The sidecar motorcycle looks old and military in style, but like the regular motorcycle, we can’t tell you exactly what it is. Well, other than the fact it’s more uncontrollable and more dangerous than the regular motorcycle. Worst. Vehicle. Ever.
  • Pickup – Ford Bronco
    • The pickup truck – exclusive to the Miramar desert map, seemingly a replacement for the UAZ jeep – is an approximation of the late seventies, second generation Ford Bronco pickup truck. It also feels just right in the new desert setting.
  • UAZ – UAZ-469
    • UAZ – named Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, literally the ‘Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant’ – began producing vehicles as part of the Soviet’s World War II efforts in 1941. The UAZ-469, its most popular model, is the Soviet equivalent of the Willys MB jeep, and in PUBG it comes in hard, soft, and open-top variants.
  • Van – VW Camper
    • Like the pickup truck, the van is exclusive to the Miramar map, and seems to replace the Dacia. It seats six and – like its real-life counterpart, the original VW Camper – is a low-powered fun bus that can’t help but put a smile on your face.

PUBG camper van


  • PG-117 – PG-117 Soviet ‘Fast Boat’
    • The standard boat in PUBG is a rickety old Soviet tub from World War II, but it can shift across large bodies of water when you need it to. Just keep an eye on fuel: it absolutely devours the stuff when you’re boosting.
  • Aquarail
    • The Aquarail is a retro wooden jet ski that kind of looks like a giant clog. We’re not entirely sure what this one’s based on – something of a generic jet ski design, we reckon – but even though it was introduced with the new desert map, it will be found in both Miramar and Erangel following the release of version 1.0.


  • Plane – Lockheed C-130 Hercules
    • The plane in PUBG – a four-prop Lockheed C-130 Hercules, with a two-row personnel configuration – flies over the map and throws you out into the battle. You can also se them dropping supply crates, and the wreckage of a number of crashed C-130s can be found around the map.
  • Parachute
    • A standard, military-issue, drab green parachute, that stops you dying when you jump out of the plane (and makes you die if you snag it up on a tree, building, or telegraph wire).

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How to find and catch the buzzing insect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is that buzzing? Where is the insect? How do I catch it? Here’s how to catch the Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Mole Cricket
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What is that buzzing? Where is the insect? How do I catch it? Here’s how to catch the Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll around your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but what is that buzzing sound disturbing the peace?

It is, in fact, a Mole Cricket, a perfectly harmless critter that can only be detected by its buzz. The Mole Cricket is available from November to May in the Northern Hemisphere, and May to November on Southern Hemisphere islands. It’s available 24-hours a day but takes a little bit of effort to catch. Here’s a quick guide.

How to catch a Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  1. You can’t deliberately set out to catch a Mole Cricket, so just go for a stroll and listen out for its buzz.
  2. Once you hear the buzz, stop walking. We recommend wearing headphones as it makes it a little easier to pinpoint the cricket’s location.
  3. Walk around slowly until the sound is at its loudest. It should be roughly equal in each ear.
  4. Pull out your shovel and start digging up the ground around you.
  5. When you find the right spot, the cricket will appear and start jumping away.
  6. Swap to your net and set off in hot pursuit. If you’re quick enough, you’ll catch the rascal before it escapes.

The first time you catch a Mole Cricket, you should donate it to Blathers at the museum. Subsequent crickets can be sold to the Nooks for 500 bells. Not too shabby.

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We hate to ask, but global advertising revenues are the lowest they've ever been. It's killing the online publishing world. If you found this article interesting or entertaining and you want to support quality games writing, then please consider supporting us via Patreon, buying us a coffee, or subscribing to our newsletter.

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The best Doom Eternal weapon mods (and the order you should unlock them in)

The latest Doom game is awash with unlocks and upgrades. Here’s our guide to the best Doom Eternal weapon mods (and the ones you should unlock as a priority).



Doom Eternal rocket launcher weapon mods
Bethesda / Thumbsticks

The latest Doom game is awash with unlocks and upgrades. Here’s our guide to the best Doom Eternal weapon mods (and the ones you should unlock as a priority).

Early on in Doom Eternal, as the game is subjecting you to death by tutorial, you’ll run into a weapon mod upgrade station. It’s a weird little green floating robot that contains at the most weapon upgrade, but also, the potential for every weapon upgrade in the game.

It’s weird, sure, but it’s not the weirdest thing in the game. (Don’t tug too hard at those threads. The sinew holding the game together is tenuous at best, and it’s actively worse when they try and explain anything. Definitely do unlock the retro armour, though.)

Doom Eternal weapon mod upgrade robot

Because weapon mod upgrades are limited by the number of unlock robots, this means you have to be selective about your weapon mod choices. Well, at first. The further you get into the game and the more you explore, the more weapon mods you’ll unlock. By the endgame, you’ll likely have unlocked them all, or thereabouts.

But as you progress through Doom Eternal, you’ll need to be picky about the order you unlock weapon mods to be the most effective demon slayer. Here are our recommendations for the ones you should prioritise as you work through the weapons on offer.

Combat Shotgun

Doomguy’s first weapon – there’s no pistol in Doom Eternal – is one of his most basic. But it’s also one of the most versatile, if you pick the right mod.

You might be tempted by the Full Auto mod, which sounds like a good idea, but the Sticky Bombs mod is far more useful. You’ll lean on it for taking down Cacodemons for one thing – the daft round boys will just eat those explosives up – but it’s also handy for targeting weak spots and sticking to speedy enemies, or for doing damage to a group of demons.

Heavy Cannon

This is Doom Eternal’s version of the assault rifle and its usage is similar. Less powerful than the Combat Shotgun with a slower rate of fire than the Chaingun, but is quite a sensible weapon for a very unsensible game.

Again, the Micro Missiles mod seems like the winner here, but you’re far better favouring the Precision Bolt. It consumes multiple rounds to fire, but does dramatically more damage and at a much greater range. Use this to pick enemies off before they can engage, or target demon weaknesses with extreme precision.

Plasma Rifle

Doom Eternal’s Plasma Rifle is very similar to the classic version. It’s rapid, like the Heavy Cannon and Chaingun, but packs a bit more punch per round – particularly to energy shields.

Both the mods for the Plasma Rifle are decent, actually, so you’ll want to unlock both. The Heat Blast uses residual energy from firing the rifle to deliver a burst of energy and push back nearby enemies. The Microwave Beam, on the other hand, will freeze an enemy on the spot with chain lightning, particularly handy for speedy, slippery demons.

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is, as ever, one of the most powerful “regular” weapons. It uses two shotgun shells per shot and deals devastating damage at short range.

You can’t mod the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal because it comes equipped with a mod out of the gate. It’s fitted with an under-barrel grappling hook called the Meat Hook, which functions like a cross between Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Link’s Hook Shot. “Get over here!”

Rocket Launcher

Now we’re getting up to the heavy-duty gear. Your Rocket Launcher doesn’t deal as much damage as the ones equipped on the demons, but it does have some neat tricks.

You could argue that both the Rocker Launcher mods are useful, but we’d favour the Lock-on Burst. After a couple of seconds to acquire a target, it fires three rockets – which is obviously three times the damage – but better than that, the rockets will track and home in on their target. This is vital against fast-moving beasts and can be used to effectively shoot around corners. The other mod, Remote Detonation, just allows you to detonate a rocket in flight.


The Chaingun is Doom’s classic, chain-fed Gatling gun. Where normally it shares ammo with the pistol, here, it shares ammo with the Heavy Cannon.

Again, both the mods for the Chaingun are useful. One allows you you to raise an Energy Shield to deflect incoming projectiles, while the other turns the Chaingun into a Portable Turret. The turret deals huge damage in a short period – which means it splurges ammo and is prone to overheating, in true video game turret tradition – whereas the shield has obvious uses.


The Ballista is a brand new beast in Doom Eternal. It’s an energy weapon, similar to the Plasma Rifle, but consumes a lot of ammo per shot to deal heavy damage. Also, it’s a demonic laser crossbow. Crossbows are cool.

The Arbalest mod sounds like the better one here – a charged explosive bolt – but you’ll want to favour the Energy Blade. That delivers a horizontal beam of energy that can cut demons in half, and fans out to target a big group.


You can’t mod the BFG-9000 in Doom Eternal, but why would you want to? It’s the best.

Check out our guides section for more useful tips and tricks.

Thumbsticks needs your support

We hate to ask, but global advertising revenues are the lowest they've ever been. It's killing the online publishing world. If you found this article interesting or entertaining and you want to support quality games writing, then please consider supporting us via Patreon, buying us a coffee, or subscribing to our newsletter.

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How to transfer patterns to Animal Crossing: New Horizons using NookLink and QR codes

Here’s our guide to using the NookLink app to transfer Design Pattern QR codes from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (and the web) to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 



NookLink and QR codes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Nintendo / Thumbsticks

Here’s our guide to using the NookLink app to transfer design pattern QR codes from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (and the web) to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

I played over 300 hours of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS. That’s not long compared to some players, but it’s enough time to build up a nice collection of patterns and Pro Design clothing patterns.

Like a gazillion other players, I have now started a new life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I don’t want my hard work to go to waste.

Here’s how to use the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app to transfer designs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (and the web) into Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Before you start, you need the following:

  • A Nintendo account – You can get one right here
  • The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app – Available via the App Store or Google Play
  • A Nintendo 3DS console and a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • Access to the web if you want to download designs from other players.

Setting up NookLink

To start, load Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Select the minus (-) button on the title screen to access the settings page and choose ‘NookLink settings’. The game will connect to the internet and begin the set-up process.

Open the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smart device – make sure it’s connected your Nintendo account – and select Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Game-Specific Services section. NookLink will open and the set-up process will be completed.

How to use the NookLink App to transfer QR codes

Using the ‘Designs’ option, you can transfer patterns from New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and the internet to New Horizons through the magic of QR codes.

To transfer QR codes from Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS, follow these instructions:

  1. Load the game and visit the Able Sisters store on Main Street.
  2. Use the Sewing Machine at the back of the store.
  3. You can only create a QR code from a pattern you have created. Choose ‘Create a QR code’.
  4. Select the pattern you want to use and wait for the QR code to be generated. The code is also saved to the Nintendo 3DS Camera library.
  5. On your smartphone, open the NookLink app. Select ‘Designs’, then ‘Scan a QR code’.
  6. Point the camera at the QR code and confirm you want to save it. You can only transfer one design at a time.
  7. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, start the game and open the NookPhone.
  8. Select the Custom Designs app.
  9. Press the plus (+) button to ‘Download’ and the game will connect to the internet.
  10. Select ‘OK’ to transfer your design to a spare slot.

Clothing – shirts, tops, and dresses – are considered Pro Designs. They consist of four QR codes representing the front, back, left, and right sides of the design. The NookLink app will scan each code in sequence, and voila, the pattern is transferred.

Transferred design patterns are saved to the Custom Designs tab. Costumes are saved to the Pro Design tab. It’s also worth noting that you can’t edit designs created by someone else.

If you’re looking for some good Animal Crossing QR codes, a quick web search will return plenty of options. We highly recommend the Animal Crossing Pattern Tool, which also has its own design tool. (Hat tip to creators Thulinma, DamSenViet, and Myumi.)

What else does NookLink do?

In addition to its design functions, NookLink also includes the following moderately useful features.


You can review your villager passport, including your name, motto, and birthday. It also displays your town name and lists current residents.

Chat Keyboard

Send chat-balloon messages to the game when you’re playing online. But be careful, other players can read these. Please be nice.

Best Friends

Players assigned Best Friend status in New Horizons are displayed here. To become a Best Friend a player has to be a friend on your Nintendo Switch console, and you need to have played together online. You can designate Best Friends in the NookPhone app.


Change the active player or app language. You can also pass the time by reading a copyright notice and some development credits. Fun times.

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How to unlock Doomguy’s retro armour in Doom Eternal

Forget weapon and armour upgrades. The first thing you should unlock in Doom Eternal is Doomguy’s retro marine armour.



how to unlock Doomguy's retro marine armour in Doom Eternal
Bethesda / Thumbsticks

Forget weapon and armour upgrades. The first thing you should unlock in Doom Eternal is Doomguy’s retro armour.

There are two little-known facts about Doomguy’s armour in the original Doom from 1993.

First, the classic “besieged by demons” pose was modelled after Id Software founder and legendary Doom designer, John Romero.

“I kept telling the model what to do but he couldn’t see the scene in his mind,” recalls Romero in a blog post. “Frustrated, I threw my shirt off and told him to give me the gun and get on the floor – grab my arm as one of the demons! Defeated, he deferred. I aimed the gun in a slightly different direction and told [cover art illustrator] Don [Punchatz], ‘This is what I’m talking about!'”

And second, the exposed midriff belly-shirt thing he’s got going on? That’s not deliberately sexy armour. (Let’s be honest, it would’ve been weird if it was.) If you look closely, you can see that the stomach panel of the bottle green marine armour has been ripped and clawed away by demons.

That second detail’s important because one of the better features of Doom Eternal’s infernal, eternal upgrades is the ability to unlock Doomguy’s classic armour from the first game. Because you see the big guy animated in cutscenes for the first time it’s a bit weird to see his exposed abs rendered in such detail, but the retro armour is so much cooler and more metal than his modern, shiny demonic Stig armour.

Doom Eternal sexy abs

So hot. But how do you unlock it, exactly?

How to unlock the retro armour in Doom Eternal

You can’t unlock the retro armour in Doom Eternal right away, sadly, but you can get it within the first few hours if you prioritise your unlocks. (You could argue that prioritising cosmetics over upgrades is daft, but we’d argue that the retro armour is one of the best things about Doom Eternal. Read into that what you will, or just read the review.)

A few missions in, you’ll run into objects called Sentinel Batteries. You’ll need these in the main campaign to activate Sentinels – those big, ruined robots that litter the world – to allow you to advance through the level. Well, not the whole Sentinel; just an arm or a weapon here and there.

When you’re finished shuffling robots around, you’ll find you’ve got a Sentinel Battery left over. When you return back to the Fortress of Doom – the totally unnecessary hub base in Doom Eternal – you can use that Sentinel Battery to power up the rest of the ship and unveil the rest of its labyrinthine layout.

Once you’ve done that, any additional Sentinel Batteries you find in the game’s campaign can be used to unlock rooms in the Fortress of Doom. You’ll need two Sentinel Batteries per room unlock, so we thoroughly recommend using your first two spares to unlock the retro marine amour. (Pfft! Who needs weapon and armour upgrades when you have such a sexy stomach?)

You can find it at the following location:

Doom Eternal retro marine armour location

And when you shove two Sentinel Batteries into the ports to the left and right of the doorway, this is what you’ll see:

Doom Eternal retro armour display

Look at it! It’s flipping glorious!

Time to start working on those abs, Doomguy.

Check out our guides section for more useful tips and tricks.

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How to exploit demon weaknesses in Doom Eternal

How to exploit demon weaknesses in Doom Eternal, including the Cacodemon, Arachnotron, Mancubus, Pinky, Revenant, and Doom Hunter.



Doom Eternal Revenant demon weakness

How to exploit demon weaknesses in Doom Eternal, including the Cacodemon, Arachnotron, Mancubus, Pinky, Revenant, and Doom Hunter.

Doom Eternal ramps up on the strategy and technicality from the 2016 Doom reboot. There are more weapons, more upgrades, more power-ups, and more movement options.

But there are also more demons. Some of them are classic Doom baddies; others are new inventions for Doom Eternal. In order to take them on, you’ll need to know their weaknesses.


This robot spider brain-in-a-jar thing – enemy design in Doom Eternal is weird, right? – is similar to the Spider Mastermind boss from Doom (2016) but features a large turret on its back. These are tough enemies to have to fight early on, frankly.

Weakness: The turret. Hit the turret with whatever you’ve got and you’ll render the Arachnotron less dangerous. Still a bit old bullet sponge for so early in the game, though.

Bonus: None. Spiders. Eww.


This big round boy is all eyeball and teeth. He’s kinda cute, bobs around in the air and doesn’t seem too dangerous. But the Cacodemon is relentless and – if you get mobbed by more than one of them – you can get pinned down easily.

Weakness: Like a dog, the Cacodemon will eat anything you throw at him. Pop a grenade (or sticky bomb round from the Combat Shotgun weapon mod) into his mouth then hit with him a Glory Kill.

Bonus: Because they still float when stunned, you can actually use the Cacodemon to escape a tight spot or reach a platform if you perform a Glory Kill on one that’s a bit further away.

Doom Eternal Cacodemon demon weakness


The Revenant is a cybernetically augmented flying skeleton. Subtle. These demons don’t have particularly high health compared to some, but they are very fast and agile, which can make pinning them down difficult.

Weakness: His shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. These also double as the Revenant’s jetpack, so if you target these, he’ll be grounded.

Bonus: If you unlock the lock-on weapon mod for the rocket launcher, you can take the Revenant down with three rockets and very little skill. Feels like overkill, but sometimes it’s worth it when this sprightly skeleton is pinging around the arena.


Carcass is a grotesque melted mannequin of a thing, part human, part cybernetic. They’re not that dangerous, but they will generate energy shields. In theory this is to defend themselves, but they’ll often accidentally hinder your movement, too.

Weakness: Hit the energy shield with the Plasma Rifle and it will overload and explode. Blood Punch has the same effect.

Bonus: Some soldier zombies also carry energy shields, like Carcass. Use the same technique to bring them down quickly, and use the exploding energy shield as a makeshift weapon in a crowd.


Isn’t it weird that a succubus is usually depicted as a sexy temptress in demonic fiction, but the Mancubus is a giant slob of a demon? That’s not to say you’re not allowed to fancy the Mancubus – to each their own – but he’s a pretty grim unit.

Weakness: His dual-wield, arm-mounted flamethrower-cannons are his biggest offensive weapon and also his weak spot. Target them to take him down.

Bonus: If you Glory Kill a Mancubus, he’ll explode. Comes in handy in a crowded space.

Doom Eternal Mancubus demon weakness

Cyber Mancubus

If a Mancubus is a sexy seductress, does that make a Cyber Mancubus the online chatroom version? No, in Doom Eternal, he’s a regular Mancubus in an ill-fitting suit of armour. You can still kill them with their armour on, but it’s a lot harder work.

Weakness: Still the arm-mounted armaments, but you’ll need to hit Cyber Mancubus with a Blood Punch first to knock off his armour.

Bonus: Also explodes. Boom!


Whiplash is a new enemy in Doom Eternal and – in a weird, tone-deaf marketing move – was “lauded” as the first female demon in Doom history. Score one for equality, we guess? In play, Whiplash is very irritating because she’s so nippy and mobile, even more so than the Revenant.

Weakness: Use the Ice Bomb to freeze Whiplash solid, then unload into her with everything you’ve got.

Bonus: If you don’t have Ice Bomb available, then homing missiles or a sticky bomb Combat Shotgun round will follow Whiplash around, which helps.


Pinky is a sort of pig-demon, originally just called “Demon” in Doom (1993). He’ll charge around like a bull chasing a matador and is very tough and well-armoured. Like the classic Pinky, Doom Eternal also features invisible Pinkies called Spectres, which is very unfair.

Weakness: Their tail. Dash or double-jump out of a charging Pinky’s path, then unload into the stubby little tail. A Blood Punch will also kill a Pinky in one shot.

Bonus: Use the Ice Bomb to freeze a Pinky (or Spectre) solid. This will give you an extra couple of seconds to target the tail, and if you hit it with a Super Shotgun blast? Down in one.

Doom Eternal Pinky demon weakness

Doom Hunter

One thing Doom Eternal does that is really cool – or really unfair, depending on your point of view – is introduce enemies as an end-of-level boss, then just start using them as regular enemies like it’s nothing. You’ll fight one Doom Hunter after a big build-up, assured it’s a unique boss enemy, then move onto the next section and fight two more. No big deal. It’s one of the game’s smarter ideas, ratcheting the demons as you progress.

Weakness: The Doom Hunter’s mechanical sled is shielded, so you’ll want to use the Plasma Rifle – or a Blood Punch – to disable the shield.

Bonus: Once the shield’s disabled, hit the sled with everything you’ve got. It will eventually break, leaving the Doom Hunter almost immobile.

Anything else?

There are some bigger bosses that we don’t want to spoil – and for the most part, the game telegraphs their weak points and timings anyway – and some demons that don’t really have any specific weakness you can exploit.

As a general rule of thumb: if it’s big, use the Chain Gun to stagger it; if it’s fast, use Ice Bomb and tracking rockets; and if it’s shielded, use the Plasma Rifle and Blood Punch.

Check out our guides section for more useful tips and tricks.

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