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The rumours are true. Someone actually went there. Garfield Kart is coming to 3DS.

Anuman Interactive has announced the development a new Nintendo 3DS karting game based on the much-loved comic strip, Garfield. The game will be published by Koch Media’s Distribution Label, Ravenscourt.

Pitched as the ‘funniest racing game’ on the Nintendo 3DS, Garfield Kart will see the world’s most famous pussycat hop into the driving seat alongside other well-known characters from the now defunct Garfield Show. The game includes four player local multiplayer plus Quick Race, Championship, Time Trial and Daily Challenge modes.

Garfield Kart has previously made an appearance on mobile, along with a trillion other kart racers, but on 3DS it will have its work cut besting the likes of Mario Kart 7.

When I was young there was an element of coolness about Garfield. I recall fond memories playing a rudimentary but well-observed 8-bit game that drew on the sardonic strengths of the character.

Garfield ZX Spectrum

That game at least made an attempt to capture the essence of Jim Davis’s creation. Now, he’s in that lazy, catch-all genre for IPs that no-one knows how to handle.

Who said third-party was dead on 3DS?

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