Final Fantasy VII on Switch release date
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Release date revealed for Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

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There ain’t no gettin’ offa this (mediocre port train) we’re on.

It’s been a long time coming. In the pantheon of Nintendo Switch port begging, classic Final Fantasy games are towards the top of the list.

Final Fantasy VII came up for air a few weeks ago, popping up in one of those slightly odd Nintendo promo videos – one of those ones where they advertise you can use it in handheld mode! Which I think we all know at this stage! – without a release date.

Then, during the latest Nintendo Direct, Final Fantasy IX received one of those “available now!” announcements. Final Fantasy VII was still nowhere to be seen, however.

Then just before the weekend, Square announced the release date for Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch: March 26th, 2019.

Just over a month left until we get to play what’s likely to be a terrible port of a great game! Just over a month until we all hand over our hard-earned money to buy this game for the umpteenth time! Yes, we could get out our PSP or PS Vita, but that’s not the point! Take heed, marketing folk: if you put things on Nintendo Switch, we will buy them in droves, even if we already own it five times over.

Oh, and it’s also available on Xbox One. (And there’s still no news on a re-release of Final Fantasy VIII.)

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