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Ben and Dan hit the adventure trail again next month when Lair of the Clockwork God releases.

The Ben and Dan adventures are a peculiar little anachronism. In a world where point-and-click adventures are turning into Telltale- and Dontnod-shaped affairs, Ben and Dan remain very misshapen pegs in a very uniform, very polished hole.

And god, do we love them for it. The spirit of LucasArts is alive and well with Size Five Games.

Well, except that fictional Dan – the in-game counterpart of developer Dan Marshall – wants to pivot to indie platforming, as that’s what’s cool nowadays. Fictional Ben, on the other hand, wants to stay true to the duo’s roots. (And we talked to Marshall about the game’s place in the “new” and “woke” indie, scene, including the decision to add accessibility options for the first time.)

As a result, and rather cleverly we might add, Lair of the Clockwork God is a mix of adventures both platform and point-and-click. You’ll need to use both platforming skill and item-combining nouse to best the puzzles in Clockwork God.

And we’ll get to play it very soon. February 21, in fact. Size Five Games has released a new trailer for Lair of the Clockwork God to celebrate the release date announcement.

So Lair of the Clockwork God releases on February 21, 2020. You can wishlist the game on Steam right now, though. (Which we’re told really helps indie developers in terms of discoverability in an ever-crowded marketplace.)

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