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Art of Rally, the tiny rally game with a big heart, launches next month.

When we got a chance to play Art of Rally earlier in the year, we loved it. It’s one of those odd beasts, like Lonely Mountains: Downhill, that looks a bit cute but is actually kind of fiendish.

The cars may have a Dinky Diecast vibe and the environments might look like a beautifully-crafted model train set version of the countryside, but Art of Rally is surprisingly technical. It’s as twitchy and slippery as a real rally car on a loose surface, but somehow, feels even more squirrely by virtue of the cars being so small and cute?

Anyway, we digress. The key takeaway here is that Art of Rally is really neat, and the good news is that it releases really soon.

Art of Rally launches on Steam and GOG on September 23.

And because it’s a retro rally game, be sure to watch out for the crowds. It was a time before health and safety. People liked to get really close to the action.

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