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With the Tokyo Game Show in full swing, Capcom have today revealed new details regarding Resident Evil 7’s teaser demo Beginning Hour.

This previously PS Plus exclusive has already reached over 3 million downloads worldwide, and expect that number to rise, as it will now be available to all PS4 users.

In addition, the demo is receiving an update – referred to as the ‘Twilight Update’ – that will allow players to explore additional areas of the unsettling and deteriorating mansion. This might provide answers to some of the remaining mysteries that greeted those already familiar with the building.

A new trailer for Resident Evil 7 was also made available, and gives an insight into a rather unappetising meal with the equally unappetising Baker family. It also gives a better look at what the combat might be like as the series transitions to a first person perspective.

Capcom also provided more details regarding the Deluxe and Day-1 Survival editions of the game. The Day-1 edition is only available to purchase prior to the game’s full release and contains a custom theme and Survival Pack: Recovery Set, which includes consumable healing items, an in-game mysterious Lucky Coin defence item, and an early unlock of the extra difficult ‘Madhouse mode’. This will be be priced at £52.99. The Deluxe Edition will include the extra features of the Day-1 edition, as well as the game’s Season Pass. The Season Pass will provide access to three additional playable story episodes that will be available after the game’s release on January 24th 2017, and is priced at £69.99.

Also, standard editions of Resident Evil 7 can be pre-ordered for £49.99 and include a custom theme for their respective console.

For now you can watch the latest trailer and try to get a better grasp of what is wrong with the Baker family, before frightening yourself as you explore the abandoned mansion (I recommend headphones for that extra scare factor). Because what is a Resident Evil game without a good (and by good I mean bad) mansion?

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