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Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have revealed a new survivor for hit roguelike shooter Risk of Rain 2.

Railgunner has been confirmed as the first of two new survivors included in the upcoming Risk of Rain 2 content expansion, Survivors of the Void. Railgunner is armed with a sniper rifle and is designed to offer a fast-paced, tactical play.

Speaking about the design decisions behind the character, Hopoo Games co-founder Paul Morse says:

“Risk of Rain has always been about thinking of the wildest experiences possible and making them real. We gave Railgunner an FPS-style scope to challenge what our game can be, and we ended up with a dynamic Survivor we are confident many players will enjoy.”

Here’s how Gearbox Publishing describe Railgunner in more detail.

Risk of Rain 2 – Railgunner Details

  • Her primary weapon, the M99 Sniper, puts players in her perspective to look down the scope and target enemy Weak Points. By hitting these Weak Points, this long-ranged powerhouse deals a devastating 1,000% damage with a guaranteed Critical Strike.
    • Railgunner’s attacks cannot randomly crit like other Survivors, but all Critical Strike Chance gained with items is converted into additional Critical Strike Damage.
    • Firing with the M99 Sniper triggers Railgunner’s Active Reload bar. By perfectly timing a reload, players can increase the pace of their shots and deal an extra +500% base damage on the next shot.
  • When enemies get up close, Railgunner’s XQR Smart Round System fires off rapid smart rounds that keep nearby enemies at bay and deal 100% damage.
  • Railgunner’s Concussion Devices create a gravity-propelled blast zone that pushes away anything within range. Players can use Concussion Devices to launch Railgunner rapidly away from enemies, creating enough space between her and her foes to line up the killing shot, or to spread out groups of monsters, separating them for targeted snipes.
  • Railgunner’s special ability, Supercharge, overloads her railgun, shelling out 4,000% damage and 150% Weak Point damage. While Supercharge’s explosive blast can wipe out tougher enemies with the right items, that power comes at a cost: after firing, Railgunner’s weapons must recharge, leaving her unable to attack for five seconds and forcing players to rely on Railgunner’s Concussion Devices alone to keep away from harm.
  • Escape Petrichor V with Railgunner to unlock alternative abilities and an alternative skin.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void launches on PC via Steam on March 1, 2022. It will come to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia later this year.

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