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The story-driven adventure game Road 96 will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles next month.

Road 96 was first released on PC and Nintendo Switch in August 2021, where it quickly won fans for its branching narrative, quirky characters, and ’90s style soundtrack.

It’s an ambitious work that developer DigixArt says is inspired by the works of Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. Those influences are clear to see, and although Road 96 doesn’t reach those heights, it’s a distinctive and alluring game with over a thousand possible story paths.

DigixArt has confirmed that the game will come to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 14, 2022.

The announcement comes with the game basking in the warm glow of success. At this week’s Pégases Awards, Road 96 won in five categories: Best Indie Game, Beyond The Video Game, Best Accessibility, Best Sound Design, and Best Narrative Design.

Speaking about the game’s achievements, DigixArt CEO Yoan Fanise says:

“We are so proud to have won these, we were hoping for one; five is unbelievable. There is a large audience waiting for innovative experiences nowadays the gaming world has changed drastically over the last years. Road 96 is a collaborative creation, a reflection of the team’s diversity and shows that success is not a matter of a project’s size.”

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