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Official Rugby World Cup 2015 tie-in game kicks off a few days into the tournament.

Egg-chasers, rejoice! You now get the chance to scrum down for the Webb Ellis trophy as one of your favourite international teams.

On September 22 2015 – that’s a mere three days after England kicks off the home tournament against Fiji at Twickenham – French publisher BigBen Interactive will be releasing the official Rugby World Cup 2015 game onto the world, available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Much like the FIFA titles, that usually receive a ‘World Cup’ run-outs in addition to their yearly iterations, Rugby World Cup 2015 will likely be a somewhat tweaked version of the current major release title Rugby 2015, that unfortunately hasn’t fared particularly well with the critics to date.

What will the differences be, between Rugby World Cup 2015 and it’s yearly stablemate? Not much, probably! Quite why the World Cup couldn’t come as a DLC for the regular game is beyond me – oh no wait, it isn’t – it’s a cash cow.

As for the expected changes:

The club-level sides will be removed, as will any international sides that didn’t qualify, to be replaced with those who did. The squad rosters will likely be updated at the final possible moment to take into account the squads chosen at the time (so no Manu Tuilagi or Dylan Hartley, then) and you’ll get the chance to play at some of the illustrious stadia chosen for the World Cup that wouldn’t have seen inclusion in the regular game, such as Elland Road and the Brighton Community Stadium…

Sadly, there’s no sign that EA’s progressive stance to include women’s international teams in FIFA 2016 will be followed here, as the Women’s Rugby World Cup was already contested – and won by England – in 2014.

Pre-order Rugby World Cup 2015 on Amazon now.

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