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A quiet Sunday night goes bonkers as potential PlayStation 4 slim is outed on Gumtree.

News broke tonight of a kind soul from Bolton offering an – as yet unannounced – PlayStation 4 slim for sale.

The listing – on Gumtree.com – shows a new slab-like PlayStation 4 and its box sitting on a rather plush carpet.

The system is squatter, uglier and certainly slimmer than the current version of Sony’s console. It has a listing price of £295.

So is it genuine or just an elaborate hoax? If it’s the latter, consider us impressed. Here’s the original listing on Gumtree.

Sony has announced a PlayStation event on 7th September, which we assume will unveil the upgraded PlayStation 4 Neo SKU. If this console is proved genuine it appears that Sony are following Microsoft’s example with a smaller and most likely cheaper revision of their current hardware, too

Story via NeoGaf and Kotaku.

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