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Deep Silver confirms patch details for Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version of Saints Row: The Third has received a somewhat mixed reception from players. It’s ostensibly the same game that was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, but with a host of additional technical issues that take the shine off an otherwise welcome port.

Publisher Deep Silver was working on a day-one patch to fix some of these problems, but due to unforeseen circumstances its release was delayed. It was today confirmed that the much-needed update will drop at 9pm PST on May 15, and at 3am CEST/4am BST on May 16.

The update will address low resolution particle rendering, online matchmaking, and various other bugs. Sadly, it does not add one of the more popular requests from players, motion control aiming.

Deep Silver are also asking for more feedback from players, with a particular focus on input lag, control sensitivity, and graphical bugs. Players are welcome to send their comments to the game’s technical support team. Be nice.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full package Patch Notes

  • Added low resolution particle rendering and related performance update
  • Added credits sequence updates to icons & names
  • Fixed an issue where audio would de-sync after switching to the main menu and back
  • Subtitle fixes for female character customisation
  • Fixed user confirmation pop-up to reconnect to Nintendo Switch Online after connection loss
  • Auto matchmaking fix for public game play
  • Fixed DLC Russian & Japanese localisation
  • Crash fix: forced termination may occur after selecting “End game” on the pose screen
  • General iterative bug-fixes and performance optimisation
  • Infinite loading screen fixed
  • Fixed International & Japanese subtitles and lip sync

Our review of Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch is in the works but we’ve decided to hold publication until we’ve had a chance to assess the impact of the update. Check back later this week for our thoughts on the game.

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