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If you very much like games that contain snipers – preferably elite ones – then the latest Steam Rebellion sale is for you.

Publisher weekends on Steam are a great way to save big, particularly if you’ve had something on your wishlist. This weekend, it’s the turn of Sniper Elite publisher Rebellion to offer big savings.

So, what are the picks of the litter, then?

First up is the latest in the Sniper Elite series, Sniper Elite 4. There’s 66% off the game proper, and 50% off the game’s season pass. You can also save 80% off Sniper Elite 3, and 75% off its season pass.

If you’re wanting to catch ’em all? Then you could do a lot worse than the complete pack, which includes all four Sniper Elite games, with 74% off the total price. There’s also a huge collection of various Sniper Elite DLC, each with 50% off.

The original releases of Sniper Elite: Zombie Army and Zombie Army 2 both have 70% off their already low price, and the Zombie Army Trilogy – which includes the third instalment, plus remasters of the first two – has a whopping 80% reduction.

If you prefer 2000AD to 1944, then last October’s Rogue Trooper Redux is available with 50% off, while 2007’s original Rogue Trooper has 66% off, and 2009’s Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death has 75% off their already low prices.

Rounding off the bunch is the Tron-like VR tank shooter, Battlezone, with a healthy 66% reduction.

And if you want to purchase the Rebellion Anthology – a collection comprising 49 items, which is pretty much everything Rebellion have ever made – you’ll save a delicious 69% .


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