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Remember when PUBG just had the two crates, Survivor and Wanderer? Ah, those were simpler times. Better times.

Sure, you usually ended up getting a grey tank top or brown working boots in every single open, but at least they were free. Then everything changed, when the esports ambitions took hold.

To support the prize pot for the PUBG Gamescom invitational in 2017, a limited-time new crate and key mechanism was added. This crate was acquired using the in-game currency, Battle Points, just like all the others, but in order to open the crate, you needed to purchase a key with real money. The key cost $2.50, and people were upset.

When the Miramar desert map released, the crate rotation was shaken up again. In addition to the original Survivor and Wanderer crates, two new variants were added: Biker and Desperado. Biker, unsurprisingly, contains vintage motorcycle club clobber, while Deperado contains more Wild West-themed outfits.

The Biker crate is free to open, but the Desperado crate needs a key, which again, has to be purchased for real money. And when these new crates went into rotation, it seemed like the costly Desperado crate was in frequent rotation. I have nearly ten of the things, sitting in my rewards section, mocking me.

Now PUBG Corp. are changing up the crates again: they’re adding two new crates – Militia and Fever – and are changing the probabilities to account for the new options.

PUBG Fever crate

The Militia crate is a free-to-open crate, and as the name suggests, contains military-themed clothing. The Fever crate just requires a key to open – with no Battle Points to acquire – and contains… er… jazzier items of clothing, pictured above.

But what has all that done to the probabilities?

New PUBG crate probabilities (as of 22nd February, 2018)

  • Survivor: 10%
  • Wanderer: 10%
  • Biker: 20%
  • Desperado: 20%
  • Militia: 40%

Oh, and there hasn’t just been crate changes to the latest PUBG update, which is now available to players on the live branch.

The most notable inclusions are changes to the plane – players can no longer see inside the plane, to improve performance; instead on-screen UI will display how many players are left, something we predicted should be lifted straight from the PUBG mobile game – and the replacement of swathes of breakable fences on Miramar to improve performance.

Bug fixing and PUBG Corp.’s ongoing battle against cheaters continues unabated.

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