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Sega and WWE partner up for a brand new game

Can you imagine the excitement a headline like that would have caused 20 years ago? Well, prepare to be disappointed.



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Can you imagine the excitement a headline like that would have caused 20 years ago? Well, prepare to be disappointed.

Alas, the fruits of Sega’s new partnership with WWE are nothing more than a new free-to-play mobile game.

WWE Tap Mania  – which is being developed by The Tap Lab – also has the dubious distinction of being an idle mobile clicker game. What else is there to say except for how disappointing it is for two of the world’s most vibrant and energetic brands to join forces and create something so bone-crushingly tedious.


Luckily, there is plenty enthusiasm for the product at Sega. Naoki Kameda, COO of Sega’s mobile division, said:

“At Sega, we like to find new ways to bring brands and experiences to a wide mobile gaming audience. This partnership presents a fresh opportunity for collaboration. Working with WWE, a monumental leader in global entertainment, along with The Tap Lab, a studio known for crafting action-packed games that are fun at their core, we’re confident that WWE Tap Mania will delight fans worldwide.”

Casey Collins, WWE executive vice president is also excited, adding:

“We are always looking to engage our global fan base in new and exciting ways. Partnering with industry leader Sega is a great opportunity for us to continue our mobile game strategy while bringing in new fans with WWE Tap Mania.”

WWE Tap Mania will include a number of past and present WWE Superstars, as well as in-game events based on WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Royal Rumble. The game will also feature online leaderboards so we can see who is the best idle tapper of them all.


The game will be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android later this year. It will be free to download and will, of course, include in-app purchases.

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