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The September 2019 Nintendo Direct promises “information focussed on 2019 Nintendo Switch titles”.

Nintendo, as it is wont to do, is having another Nintendo Direct. Often, we get a bit of notice that a Direct presentation is coming. But not today.

The September 2019 Nintendo Direct, announced by Nintendo today, is happening tomorrow. That’s September 4, 2019. It will kick off at 4 pm BST. (6 pm Eastern, or 3 pm Pacific, for our friends in the States.)

The September 2019 Nintendo Direct promises to focus on the catalogue of Nintendo Switch releases for the rest of the year.

“Nintendo Direct is coming soon!” Begins the announcement on the Nintendo website. “Join us for a global presentation, lasting approximately 40 minutes, featuring information focussed on 2019 Nintendo Switch titles, including Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3.”

If rumours are to be believed – and they often aren’t – then we might see some more character announcements for Smash Bros. Ultimate. It would be a surprise not to see a push for the remake of Link’s Awakening, with the reimagining of the Game Boy classic just two weeks from release. Chances of a reel devoted to indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch are also high.

Want to know where you watch the September 2019 Nintendo Direct? You can watch it right here with us, friend, embedded in this very article.


It’s certainly preferable watching it embedded on our site, rather than the shrieking void of vitriol that is YouTube’s live comments section.

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