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Sumo Digital’s retro-inspired platformer, Snake Pass, is confirmed for release on PC and consoles this March.

We first played Snake Pass at EGX 2016 and came away impressed by its simple premise and colourful execution. It’s a physics-based platformer in which the player has to slither, curl and climb Noodle the Snake, and his hummingbird friend, Doodle, through an increasingly difficult collection of obstacle-filled worlds.

Like Playtonic’s upcoming Yooka-Laylee, it’s a game that evokes the first wave of classic 3D platformers found on the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64. On one hand this does mean it has quite a few collectibles to discover, but on the other, it also features a musical score from the incomparable, David Wise.

Seb Liese, creator of Snake Pass, said:

Snake Pass is a real passion project for the team. It’s been so fun creating our own characters, visual style and establishing our own voice as IP creators. Our mission with Snake Pass, was to make the simple act of controlling Noodle the Snake as fun as possible. Once players start to “think like a snake”, they will be amazed at the incredible feats of acrobatics they are capable of.”

Sumo have also confirmed that Snake Pass will support PlayStation 4 Pro, offering an improved frame-rate and higher resolution when played on a 4K TV.

The Xbox One version comes with its own benefit by being part of the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, meaning it can be played on both console and Windows 10 PC with cloud-based saves and achievements, at no additional cost.

And over on Nintendo Switch, Snake Pass can be played in TV, Handheld and Tabletop modes, with the game supporting both Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controllers.

Snake Pass will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 28 in North America, and March 29 in Europe.

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