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20 handy SNES cheats and tips for the Nintendo Switch Online library

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Here are 20 of the best cheats to use on the initial lineup of 20 SNES games available through Nintendo Switch Online.

Old video games can be hard, so there’s no shame in seeking a little help when playing some of the classics of the past. In fact, throughout the 80s and 90s, there was a whole culture around the exchange of cheats and tips to unlock levels, add lives, and open up hidden features.

Nintendo Switch Online’s Suspend Point and Rewind features help make many NES and SNES games easier to complete, but there’s nothing like punching in a 16 digit code or entering a complicated button combo to access a level select option. Happily, SNES cheat codes that worked two decades ago still work today on Switch.

Here are our favourite codes and cheats for the initial library of 20 SNES games available on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch SNES cheat codes

Brawl Brothers

You can unlock the Japanese version of the game, Rushing Beat, using the following code. Wait until the Jaleco logo appears on the screen then press B, A, X, Y repeatedly. If entered correctly, a strange menu screen will appear. Press Start to progress to the next screen and then press Down three times on the d-pad.

Breath of Fire

You can see a cameo from Street Fighter’s Chun-Lo in Bleak town. Enter the magician kid’s home and talk to him. He will ask you to put 100 GP on the table which he’ll make vanish. When he says “Look behind you,” say “No.” twice, then respond with “Yes.”

Demon’s Crest

Unlock Boss Mode by entering this code on the password screen: RBNL XHGB VGBB LYLD.


There are no codes for F-Zero, but there is one gameplay tip that is a big help. When the race begins, wait for the world “Ready!” to appear on the screen. Wait for the third beep before you hit the accelerator and you’ll receive a helpful speed boost.

Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

To start a brand new game with maximum money, select the password option from the main menu and enter: RHPM FRRT NSBQ BGDB. This will give you 9,999 stone wheels. It won’t make the game any better, though.

Kirby’s Dream Course

Again, there are no codes to help here, but if you want to change your name without restarting the game, go to the member screen and select the file to edit. Press L, R, and A at the same time to open the Name Entry Screen.

Kirby’s Dream Land 3

In World 3, Stage 2, enter the first door and follow the bunny rabbit to the top. Wait for the bunny to turn its back on you and vanish. Enter the area where it disappeared to discover an extra life and some star pieces.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

If you’re in a tight spot, the Hookshot can provide invulnerability against many enemies. When the Hookshot is extended, attacks will go right through Link and you won’t take damage.


Use the following codes to open up the game’s levels.

  • Level 2 – 985206
  • Level 3 – 394391
  • Level 4 – 520771
  • Helicopter 1 – 108048
  • Level 5 – 400718
  • Level 6 – 773224
  • Level 7 – 165411
  • Level 8 – 760357
  • Helicopter 2 – 882943

Star Fox

No game-enhancing codes here, but there is something fun to try. On the game’s continue screen, you can play with the on-screen polygons using the following controls:

  • Left and Right – Rotate object horizontally
  • Up and Down – Rotate object vertically
  • L – Zoom in
  • R – Zoom out
  • X – Stop rotation
  • A – Hold to draw and object

Stunt Race FX

When playing the game, hold the L and R buttons at the same time, and press Select to change the display to extra high.

Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force

In the Japanese version of the game you can activity invincibility by pausing the game and pressing: A, B, X, Y, R, L, Up, Down, Left, Right. Unfortunately, this code is not activated in the European and North American version. So for our readers in those regions, this article should be titled 19 handy SNES cheats.

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts

To open up the (much-needed) level select menu, select Exit on the Option screen with controller one. Then hold L, R, and Start on controller two, and press Start on controller one.

Super Mario Kart

Use the following code instantly unlock the Special Cup in Time Trial and 2P Match Races. Select a Time Trial or 2P Match Race. Move left on the d-pad to put the cursor next to the Mushroom Cup, then press: L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, A.

Super Mario World

There are few cheats for Super Mario World, but if you want some unlimited lives, head to the Top Secret level which can be found via the hidden exit in the Donut Ghost House. Once there, grab Yoshi from the block in the middle, then exit the stage. If you keep entering and leaving the stage you can get a 1-up from the middle block every time.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

For a shortcut to the mini-games, hold down Select and type: X, X, Y, B, A on the level select screen.

Super Metroid

Super Metroid has a selection of different endings to enjoy. To see the easiest ending, just complete the game with more than 10 hours on your save file. To see the second-best ending, complete the game between 3:01-10:00 hours. And to see the best ending, finish the game in under 3 hours.

Super Puyo Puyo 2

Go to the Options menu (the last item on the main menu) and select the Game Mode option. On the next screen wait for 10-15 seconds and a ? will appear followed by a message in Japanese. If you select Exit Game Mode, you will now see a new Custom option. Here you can edit various gamplay options, including Puyo Puyo colours.

Super Soccer

To play as the Nintendo team, select a two-player exhibition game. Player 1 can choose any team. When Player 2 holds down Start and B on any other team it will change to the Nintendo team.

Super Tennis

Use the following code to unlock the secret exhibition tournament:


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