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SNK Neo Geo Mini revealed

As has been revealed by YoutTuber Spawn Wave, the SNK Neo Geo Mini has been revealed by an anonymous source.



Neo Geo Mini

By the looks of things, the SNK Neo Geo Mini has been revealed by an anonymous source.

The video below is from YouTuber Spawn Wave, showing what look very much like images of the system:

It looks pretty cool, as you can see. The system has a built-in joystick and a set of face buttons, and it also sports a 3.5” screen.

It’s clearly been designed with portability in mind, and the controllers have white and black variants.

It also looks as if it is capable of outputting its audio via AUX and its video through HDMI.

The system is set to offer 40 games built in, including five King of Fighters games and three Metal Slug games.

SNK hasn’t made an official announcement yet, and so none of this has been verified to be true. Also lacking in the video are indications of its price point and its release date – Christmas would obviously make sense.

It does look the part, though, and it makes sense given the success of the NES and SNES Mini systems.

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